Edward Snowden’s Christmas Message To The World (Video)

Edward Snowden’s Alternative Christmas Message To The World (ZeroHedge, Dec 25, 2013):

Edward Snowden’s Christmas message, conveyed to the world courtesy of the UK’s Channel 4, from his Russian exile is simple: “end mass surveillance.” Alas, in a world in which social media exhibitionism is the norm, is his message increasingly falling on deaf ears? After all, there is a Duck Dynasty scandal, or a Justin Bieber retirement at any given moment, both of which are far more important than the loss of all personal privacy and the supreme reign of Big Brother.

4 thoughts on “Edward Snowden’s Christmas Message To The World (Video)”

  1. The fools that think they can block the truth indefinitely are just that…….fools.
    The truth is too obvious to hide much longer. Snowden has a world wide following, blocking his message only makes more folks wish to read and hear it.

    Merry Private Xmas to all.


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