Extensive Skills Study From The OECD: America ‘Dead Last’ In Education (Video)

YouTube Added: Dec 1, 2013

1 thought on “Extensive Skills Study From The OECD: America ‘Dead Last’ In Education (Video)”

  1. It does look like the American Dream is turning into a Nightmare.
    So many things are failing or looking sick.
    From an outsider viewpoint (admittedly with many physical and social ties in U.S) the doom-mongers paint a dire picture of impending collapse, and whilst many of my contacts acknowledge things like increased police abuse, dumbness of the next but one generation, excessive corporate influence over Government, insecurity of both finances and actual National security…..my contacts remain remarkably settled and relatively unconcerned ….to the extent that I have been vilified for highlighting what seems to be a worrying trend commencing with 911 and accelerating through the Obama era……
    Apart from realising subconsciously that we are headed for either revolution or global domination, most yanks (and Brits & Germans) would rather bury their heads than face the facts that economically we are being herded into a corner whose options are clearly to fight or submit, and nobody wants to make the decision, which plays into the hands of those who manipulate all of us….the jewish zionists who call the tune.
    Until we all work together to beat this HYDRA we are lost.


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