Benn Swann: Did FBI Execute Friend Of Boston Bombing Suspect During Interrogation? (Video)

YouTube Added: Nov 14, 2013


Ben Swann takes a look at the case of Ibragim Todashev, a young chechen who was friends with Boston Bombing suspect Tamerlen Tsarnev. Swann also interviews the widow of Todashev who says she believes an FBI agent executed Todashev during an interrogation.

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2 thoughts on “Benn Swann: Did FBI Execute Friend Of Boston Bombing Suspect During Interrogation? (Video)”

  1. According to Gunderson: The boron between the rods is about gone, the chance for a radioactive chain reaction is very high. Why don’t those bastards have specialists in there? The workers taking down the rods were not trained in the least……many are desperate gamblers paying off their loan sharks by working at Fukushima………paying with their lives, literally.
    Why the world isn’t on Japan about this incredible negligence is beyond me.
    A nuclear chain reaction can make Japan unlivable, as well as the west coast of the US.
    Here is the link.
    As usual, no coverage anywhere on this critical subject.

  2. A corrupt government hires corrupt police, and that is what we now have in the US. FBI members of years ago would be horrified at the behavior of some of today’s members.
    Since we have a president who now has a kill list, one who thinks he has the right to assassinate American citizens on SUSPICION, (facts not necessary)………nothing should surprise anyone.
    Until people choose to disengage from the twisted virtual reality handed them daily via TV news, smart phones, the US Internet sites…… will only get worse.
    The TV tells the fools they are free, and that the constitution is in control. They have shredded the constitution……and nobody has any civil rights left.
    Napoleon once said Louis XVI would never have lost his throne had he been smart enough to control the press.
    Six corporations control all US news outlets.
    Obama is corporate to the bone.
    We are screwed until people are awakened by need. Need will overcome this polished propaganda mill, but western civilization will crash with it. We have very dark days ahead.


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