Venezuela Shoots Down Two ‘Hostile’ Planes

Venezuela’s Anti-Drugs Agency said the plane was given due warning

Venezuela shoots down two ‘hostile’ planes (BBC News, Oct 22, 2013):

Venezuela says two light aircraft have been shot down after entering the country’s airspace over the weekend.

These were the first mid-air attacks by fighter jets since a bill authorising such action against illegal planes was approved earlier this month, the Bolivarian Armed Forces said.

The aircraft were allegedly smuggling drugs from Central America and refused to follow the military pilots’ orders.

Another 11 unauthorised planes have been disabled on the ground this year.

Venezuelan security forces say more than 35 tonnes of drugs have been found this year.

The head of Venezuela’s Strategic Operational Centre, General Vladimir Padrino Lopez, told the country’s state television that a plane had been targeted after “all other means of persuasion had been exhausted” in the early hours of Saturday.

“This was the first plane shot mid-air in the country since the approval of the Law and Control Regulation for the Integral Defence of the National Airspace, following the orders of our commander-in-chief, President Nicolas Maduro,” Gen Padrino said.

‘Narco-traffickers’Another plane allegedly tried to evade the authorities by trying to land on an illegal airstrip in the jungle and was also shot down.

“These are drug trafficking mafias which intend to use our country as a platform for drug distribution, trespassing our airspace,” the head of the National Anti-Drugs Agency, Alejandro Keleris Bucarito said, after posting a photo of the destroyed plane on Twitter.

The two incidents suggest the Venezuelan government is stepping up its efforts to prevent drug-trafficking flights over its airspace, particularly since President Maduro issued a public warning to drug smugglers, the BBC’s Will Grant says.

After the approval of the airspace bill, earlier in October, Mr Maduro threatened “international narco-traffickers”.

“Any plane entering Venezuela is going to be obliged to land in peace. If not, it will be brought down by our Sukhoi jets, our F-16s and by all of the Venezuelan military aviation,” he said.

During the late President Hugo Chavez’s period in power, the US Drug Enforcement Administration was expelled from the country provoking criticism from Washington that the Venezuelan authorities weren’t doing enough to tackle drug cartels operating in the country.

2 thoughts on “Venezuela Shoots Down Two ‘Hostile’ Planes”

  1. Nations around the world are getting really fed up with the US and its overbearing manners. How much does anyone want to bet those were American planes, spying?
    So far, Mexico, Venezuela, France, and many other nations are really in Obama’s face for their NSA spying.
    Even the Brits are pissed.
    Now, it is Germany, not just the people, but the Chancellor’s cell phone has been invaded by this endless quest for information.
    Here is the link for the story from the UK Guardian, there is another story on the same issue on
    The US is breeding another world war…….and if that happens, this time we will be hit back. The drone assaults have infuriated everyone around the world.

  2. One other story on the cooling Saudi/US relationships…….I don’t know how Clown Kerry can help, the Saudis are afraid of losing their mercenary army….the US. They use suppression and bribery to retain their positions…..their own people want them gone…..and with the US insane regime changing, they are rightfully afraid.
    I thought this might interest you. NOBODY can trust the US government any longer……we have lost all credibility.


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