Fukushima: 120 Bq/Kg Detected In 2 Bags Of Rice … All Other Bags To Be Shipped … Lowest Reading Was 57 Bq/Kg

120 Bq/Kg from 2 bags of rice in Minamisoma Fukushima / All the other bags are to be shipped (Fukushima, Oct 10, 2013):

Fukushima prefecture measured Cesium-134/137 over the safety limit from 2 bags of rice produced in Minamisoma city Fukushima in 2013. The reading was equally 120 Bq/kg about both of the bags for some reason. Fukushima prefectural government announced that on 10/8/2013.

They implemented the screening test of 52 bags of rice produced by this specific farmer. As a result, they measured over their screening level from 44 bags, and detected Cs-134/137 from all of them.

The lowest reading was 57 Bq/Kg, but all of those rice are to be shipped except for the 2 bags that they detected 120 Bq/Kg from.


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