Fukushima Cover-Up: Extraordinary Amount Of Children Have Thyroid Cancer

Fukushima Cover-Up: Extraordinary amount of kids have thyroid cancer — Officials say NOT caused by Fukushima since Chernobyl’s cancers took 4-5 yrs to appear — Yet data shows it started soon after ’86 meltdown… number of cases still rising 25 years later (ENENews, Sep 29, 2013):

Kyodo, June 5, 2013: Researchers at Fukushima Medical University […] said they do not believe that the most recent cases are related to the nuclear crisis. They point out that thyroid cancer cases were not found among children hit by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident until four to five years later. […]Asahi Shimbun, August 21, 2013: A Fukushima prefectural government official said, “It is likely (the 44 children) developed tumors or lumps before the nuclear accident.” […] In the case of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, thyroid cancer cases started to soar four to five years later […] A number of residents have expressed strong dissatisfaction with the Fukushima prefectural government over its interpretation of the effects of radiation exposure, the accuracy of its thyroid testing and the way it discloses information.

Wikipedia: As of August 2013, there have been more than 40 children newly diagnosed with thyroid cancer and other cancers in Fukushima prefecture as a whole, but these cancers are not attributed to radiation from Fukushima […] if Chernobyl is anything to go by the increase in thyroid cancer rates won’t begin until approximately 4–5 years after the accident.

Hiroshima to Fukushima – Data on Fukushima, Eiichiro Ochiai (2014): “12 out of 174.000 children” […] is much higher than that seen in the Chernobyl incident […] If 15 more likely cases were taken account of, the thyroid cancer incident rate among Fukushima children would be about 7.8/100.000/year, extraordinarily a high rate. (Note: this number is still an underestimate. This number would he 21/100,0110/y if the data is more properly analyzed). The authority denies that they were caused by the radiation released from the TEPCo NPP on the basis that thyroid cancer would emerge only 4-5 years after such an incident. However, the data on the Chernobyl incident show that thyroid cancer did show up even just one year later (see Fig. 14.4) […]

Hiroshima to Fukushima – Data on Chernobyl, Eiichiro Ochiai (2014): […] a few cases of thyroid cancer seem to have occurred almost immediately within 1 year. In children, the incidence […] has kept increasing, even after 25 years. A similar trend has been observed for the groups aged 15 years or more (Ukraine report 2011). This continuous rise suggests that radiation sources other than the short-lived I-131, such as I-129 and Cs-137 may also be involved. In a highly contaminated area. Gomel of Belams, the annual incidence of thyroid cancers among children 2-18 years of age in 1998 was 58 times higher than that in 1973 […]

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  1. So sad and so expected.
    A generation to be sacrificed to incompetence and stupidity from one group and sheer bloody mindedness and evil from the other at the eastern side of the Mediterranean where genocide and apartheid rule.


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