House Votes To Delay Obamacare By One Year; Checks To Senate Democrats – Shutdown ‘Inevitable’?

House Votes To Delay Obamacare By One Year; Checks To Senate Democrats – Shutdown ‘Inevitable’? (ZeroHedge, Sep 29, 2013):

On a rare Saturday session (now Sunday); in a not-too-surprising vote down party lines, the House has voted in favor of the continued-military-funding, medical-device-tax-repealing, Obamacare-delaying continuing resolution that keeps the government paid until December 15th…


Now it’s off to the Senate and Harry Reid’s ‘over-my-dead-body’ as the White House prepares for Government Shutdown.. (and/or veto) with little (or no) time to cobble together a last-minute deal.

Of course this will be the meme for tomorrow…

It’s crazy pills time…

1 thought on “House Votes To Delay Obamacare By One Year; Checks To Senate Democrats – Shutdown ‘Inevitable’?”

  1. As one who originally supported a health care bill, I am pretty disturbed by what I see emerging…….single payer based on the already established Medicare system would have been cheaper, more efficient, and would have covered everyone.
    Instead, single payer was off the table, had to go to private insurance companies, with no cost constraints, and mass confusion. Next, basing it on a employer based insurance system was equally baffling. It is a system that is becoming obsolete. 96.5% of all new jobs in the US are low paying, part time positions that do not provide health care or retirement. So, why base an insurance system on a dying process?
    Next, I saw them giving hundreds of corporations “opt out” passes.
    Then, they allowed the entire congress to “opt out.”
    Last, they gave all companies until 2015.
    The people: It is on their backs from 2014 on. If they don’t buy insurance, the IRS will track and fine them. What a deal for the insurance companies. 40+ million new captive customers, no cost constraints, and the IRS will provide collection services for them….on the backs of the taxpayers.
    A total corporate give away. People who don’t have insurance, usually are unable to afford it. Now, the IRS will get on their case, and fine them for their low wages.
    This is what happens when corruption rules. We had hope, now it is gone. Nobody wins but the insurance companies, and those congress members who get a pass……….
    The Medicare system is already established. Everyone in this country has a social security number, the data system is already in place. But, oh no, it has to benefit the Greedy Guts…..all on the backs of those least able to afford it.
    We have a government working against the best interests of the people, instead they serve a growing corporate monster…….that is geared towards a world government…..
    Obama is clearly a globalist, not thinking of the best benefits of America. Putin, for all his flaws, is clearly working to strengthen his position in Russia, and he is working for the best interests of Russia. That is why he was able to shove Obama & warmongering friends away from the Syrian civil war…..he made it clear he would shoot back. American leaders are not used to that, they prefer to bully and steal from weaker and smaller nations.
    Nothing weak about Russia. As a student of history, I have never found a sadder, more brutal and painful history than Russians have endured………very different from many of us who have not suffered much.
    We have no say over our leaders any longer. Between Citizens United and the gutting of the 1964 voter rights act, the vote is now a joke.
    I hate to say this, but the only way it will change will be from a dramatic economic disaster……..these fools run around and strut on the world stage as if it were still 1964, and America the #1 lending nation in the world. They sound delusional.


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