Documentary: ‘GMO OMG’ (Official Trailer)

GMO OMG Official Trailer from Compeller Pictures on Vimeo.


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  1. After watching the video about Percy Schmeiser, the Canadian farmer who found windblown GM Canola/Oilseed Rape on the perimeter of his land, & how Monsanto sued him successfully for growing their GM products without their permission even though he hadn’t sewn any, and how they bankrupted the man & nearly killed him with the stress… became clear, we are dealing with an evil monster. They don’t care a toss about us.

    Sadly MONSATAN are not alone. There is DOW, SYNGENTA, BAYER, DuPont and so on, all bigger than the average Nation, and together, as big economically as a big nation, with the clout that it brings, especially for us.

    Geoffrey Smith the brave man who has almost single handedly built up the campaign against GMO’s via the Institute for Responsible Technology (see, needs all the support he can muster. This little video is gem, and small enough to be an email attachment, so I urge everyone to download it and post it on to all your contacts


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