Arnie Gundersen: Halfway Across The Pacific Scientists Now Measure Cesium Levels That Are 10 Times Higher Than Normal

Fish has been totally contaminated with mercury etc. even before Fukushima.

I recommend (for 16 years now) to eat NO fish from the oceans.

Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant leaks: What you need to know (CTV News, Aug 23, 2013):

According to Gundersen, who says this is the last year he’s eating west coast fish, the deluge of toxic water into the Pacific has already contaminated the ocean.

He says that halfway across the Pacific, scientists are measuring cesium levels that are 10 times higher than normal.

Gundersen said naturally occurring cesium levels are approximately 1 becquerel per cubic metre. He said the current levels are 10 becquerels per cubic metre.

“Of course, scientists will say that is still a low level but it’s such a big ocean and there are so many organisms that rely on it… so it’s a concern and it’s a concern that’s getting worse because the plant continues to leak.”

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