Empowering Citizens And Deterring Crime, One Free Shotgun At A Time (Video)

Empowering Citizens and Deterring Crime, One Free Shotgun At a Time (SHFT Plan, July 27, 2103):

The 400 homeowners of the Oak Forest neighborhood in Northwest Houston were terrorized by 107 home invasions last year. It’s a neighborhood ripe for the picking by criminals who have no worries about being stopped in the act or even pursued by an already overworked police force.

But one Houston man has decided he’s fed up with the bullying and victimizing of innocent people and he’s evening the playing field. He’s put a plan into action that takes direct aim at the problem – in the form of 12 gauge and 20 gauge shotguns.

“We give brand new pump action shotguns…”

Kyle Coplen is offering free shotguns to every homeowner here in the Oak Forest area of Northwest Houston.

Coplen came up with the Armed Citizen Project in January, after he was disgusted by one of those break-ins when World War II veteran Albert Wood had his house broken into.

_“It’s really upsetting because your home is your castle, it’s where you should feel safe.”

Coplen started spreading the word, accepting donations, and putting shotguns into the hands of every resident of Oak Forest who wants one.

“They’re easy to learn how to use. You don’t have to be an expert marksman.”

“No [I am not terrified that I am putting guns in peoples’ hands]. To qualify for a firearm with us you have to pass a background check, and you have to take and pass our training course which is legal safety and tactical training.”

“For anyone who’s handled one of these, the sound of a shell being racked is the universal ‘Get Out of My House’ “

The Armed Citizens Project not only provides shotguns to those who need them in high crime neighborhoods, but trains residents on the weapons while also helping them to develop personal defense safety plans in the event they are confronted with a break-in.

Starting this August, the organization is planning to give away 500 shotguns to single moms in 15 cities across the country as part of their “Redistribution of Firepower”  initiative.

The Armed Citizen Project  is pleased to announce their latest effort to maximize the number of responsible gun owners in America; Armed Citizen Project’s Redistribution of Firepower Program.

The group’s founder, Kyle Coplen said “We see this as a buyback we can believe in, one that removes old and unused firearms from homes of existing gun owners, and uses them to create new responsible gun owners in our own communities.

The Armed Citizen Project plans on training as many as 500 women nationally on August 10th, National Empowerment Day, and is arming entire neighborhoods in crime ridden cities.

Politicians and gun control advocates often cite guns as the problem, but statistics show that the highest levels of crime occur in those areas where residents have been disarmed, data that has been echoed in countries like the UK and Australia, where guns have been outlawed.

While they wrangle in Washington about what to do with soaring violent crime rates, the Armed Citizen Project has found a time-tested, simple and effective solution.

“We are empowering citizens and deterring crime, one free shotgun at a time.

And the residents of the neighborhoods they have armed are grateful for the safety, security and peace of mind that comes with knowing they don’t have to wait critical minutes for help to arrive when violence is at their front door.

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  1. The last punk that broke into my house “squealed like a pig.”
    I put jalapenos all up in him with a fork.


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