House Passes CISPA … The Privacy-Shredding Web Spying Bill

House Passes CISPA … the Privacy-Shredding Web Spying Bill (ZeroHedge, April 18, 2013):

Image by William Banzai

The privacy-shredding Internet spying bill – CISPA – has passed the House.

Our only chance is to stop it in the Senate. Background here and here.

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian also urges us to contact Google, Facebook and Twitter and demand that they stand up to defeat CISPA:

1 thought on “House Passes CISPA … The Privacy-Shredding Web Spying Bill”

  1. House passes insufferable bills that go to the senate to die. Our system is broken, and unless the last 12 states join the 38 states who have put the repeal of Citizens United on their next ballots, it will only get worse.


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