COLLAPSE: Youth Unemployment: Greece 61.7% – Spain 55.6% – Eurozone Over 24%

Greek Youth Unemployment Tops 60% (ZeroHedge, Feb 14, 2013):

Optimism it seems is all that matters (or is all that is allowed) as we are battered by dismal data left, right, and center. Of course, a reflection on the markets tells any ‘smart’ person that it all must get better – or why would stocks or sovereigns, or EURUSD be where it is? However, the 6 out of 10 15-24 year olds in Greece (61.7% to be exact) would beg to differ with that view of the world (as their economy grinds to a halt) – and with Spain reaching new highs at 55.6% (as well as the Euro-zone over 24%), all the bureaucratic lip-service in the world won’t stop the revolt that is coming we fear.

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  1. Real unemployment here is around 30%, but the statistics have been twisted to show a much lower number. 96.5% of all new jobs in this nation are low level and part time. The part time status protects the employer from having to pay benefits or retirement. It also ruins any chance of getting a clear picture of the truth, which is the objective.
    We have 313 million people in this country, over 100 million are unemployed.
    That is more like 33% than 7.9% unemployed.
    US media is totally mute on this subject, regardless the Eurozone is a larger economy than the US and we are closely tied together in this global economy.
    Thanks for a good article.


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