Fukushima Student: ‘From My Research, The Safety Exposure Limit Is Supposed To Be 1mSv/yr But If You Live There, It Reaches 60mSv/yr’

[Express] Elementary school girl “The integral dose of Fukushima reaches 60mSv/y. I think it’s just over..” (Fukushima Diary, Feb 3, 2013):

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In today’s NHK special about Fukushima, there was a scene like this.. an elementary school girl said, “From my research, the safety exposure limit is supposed to be 1mSv/y but if you live there, it reaches 60mSv/y. I didn’t think about it so much, but now that I know how to calculate the integral dose, I got to think it’s just over..” Her parent was just staying calm.


今日NHKの福島の特集で、小学生の女の子が「調べて みたら、人間の被曝限度は1ミリシーベルトだけど、あそこに住んでいたら60ミリシーベルトなる。今まであまり考えてなかったけど、今回、被曝量の計算を 知って、もうダメだと思った… 」と言ってるシーンがあった。親は、たたずむだけだった。


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