Canada, Dec. 2, 2012: Radioactive Fukushima Rain Falls On Ontario (Video)

YouTube Added: 02.12.2012


Dec 2nd, 2012 eastern Ontario, 3:10 pm. I tested the my drizzle coming out of our rear, side down spout this time. {just for a change}
1pm test read 0.58 microsieverts per hour. 2pm read 0.45. This is the 3:10 pm test.
Lets call it 10 X background.

2 thoughts on “Canada, Dec. 2, 2012: Radioactive Fukushima Rain Falls On Ontario (Video)”

  1. I am certain Japan is causing much of the dramatic global meltdown of the glaciers we are seeing. They are destroying the world. Allowing them to continue this ongoing disaster, plus burning the waste doubling the damage might well be the end of mankind, literally. Why we don’t stop them is beyond me. It is probably already too late.

  2. I will have to wait until I am at my home computer to view the video. I read the above paragraph but I am not a scientist type of person and the information, as written, makes no sense to me. Could you break it down into regular english? Please?
    Funny that none of the “big” newspapers have this story and the television stations are not broadcasting this info. Hmmmmmmm? Keep reporting, I enjoy the source and information you bring to the people.


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