Oakland, CA: Mutated Kiwifruits On Sale (Video)

Mutated Kiwifruit On Sale: Five For A Dollar (VIDEO) (Ah, Mephistophelis, Dec 1, 2012):

What gets me still is that five kiwifruit looked more like twelve — but they were on sale, five for a dollar, and still cost me only one dollar.

YouTube Added: 01.12.2012

From my Afterword:

Kiwifruit, with described mutations matching what you have just seen, were, according to one recipient, being given to the needy at a local food bank in early November 2012; unfortunately all of the evidence was eaten before this came to my attention(tasted “a little bland”).

I have in fact learned where the kiwi were grown: central California.  Specifically, a small farm, approximately between  Fresno and Bakersfield.

It may be relevant to note that even the main stream media, usually reliably oblivious when it comes to such matters, reported the high levels of radioactivity, identifiable as the environmental fallout from the disaster at TepCo’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (often referred to merely as “3/11”). Central California was in fact quite hard hit.

And for those who would think that would not affect the fruit being bought today, it takes one to two years, as I understand it, for kiwifruit to mature enough to harvest.

For the record, however, I must consider the cause of these deformations “unknown” unless and until more information comes to light.

Should anyone have any other information, feel free to contact me, in the comment section at this link: http://femalefaust.blogspot.com, or by email (address available below).

Be seeing you.

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