Kuwait Forbids Gatherings Of More Than 20 People

Kuwait forbids gatherings of more than 20 people amid protests (The Voice of Russia/Reuters, Oct 23, 2012):

While the opposition is denouncing the recent changes to the election law and calling to protest, Kuwait has put a ban on gatherings of more than 20 people without a permit from the authorities and gave police more powers to disperse protests, local media have reported today.

The changes to the election law undermine their chances in the vote which will take place on December 1, the opposition says.

Earlier on October 7 Kuwait Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad Al-Sabah dissolved parliament. The move paved the way for another voting for the second time this year, and for the sixth time since 2006.

On Sunday, security forces used tear gas, stun grenades and smoke bombs against demonstrators protesting the changes in downtown Kuwait City. At least 29 people were hurt and more than 15 were arrested.

Kuwait is a constitutional monarchy and has the oldest directly elected parliament among the Arab states of the Persian Gulf.

Voice of Russia, Reuters

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