Japan Government Paid TV Company $1 Million To Run ‘Support By Eating’ Ads

Ministry of Agriculture paid TV company $1,090,000 for “Support by eating” TV commercial,with fishery agency bankrupt (Fukushima Diary, Oct 23, 2012):

The sum of subsidy that Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries paid for mass media was reported. On the other hand, disaster areas are not paid enough and suffering from lack of finance.
Event : Damaged by 311 and went bankrupt
Company : Otsuchi fishery cooperative In Iwate prefecture
Time : 1. 2012
Money : 0 JPY (0 USD)

Event : TV commercial “Support by eating”
Company : Most of the TV companies
Time : Summer of 2011. (Broadcast 800 times in the summer of 2011, 1200 times in this spring)
Money : 87,000,000 JPY (1,089,836 USD)
In this TV commercial, Japanese idol group TOKIO is acting. However, it was their volunteer, they were not paid.

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Japanese idol to promote “Support by eating” got seriously dark under-eye circles:

Mr. Yamaguchi from Tokio is a Japanese idol to promote “Support by eating”.He had a brief whole body counter check and had 20.47 Bq/Kg of cesium 137 measured.[Link]

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