Israeli Drone Crashes in West Bank (Veterans Today)

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Israelis bleeding their public dry with war hype

Israeli Drone Crashes in West Bank (Veterans Today, Oct 18, 2012):

An Israeli drone has crash landed near the Palestinian city of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank.The unmanned aircraft had to make an emergency landing on Wednesday following a technical malfunction, but it eventually crash landed.

The Israeli military has ordered an investigation into the accident.

Officials said the drone was completing a military operation.

Earlier this year, an Israeli Eitan drone crashed near the town of Gedera. Initial investigation revealed that the aircraft crashed due to both a human error and a technical malfunction. The damage was reportedly at about five million dollars.

On October 14, the Tel Aviv regime grounded all its warplanes after two aircraft almost collided during recent maneuvers. Investigators said the aircraft exceeded the mandatory “safety envelope” during the maneuvers.

Also in July 2010, an Israeli aircraft crashed in Romania’s Carpathian mountains during a joint Romanian-Israeli military exercise. Four Israeli pilots, two aircraft mechanics and a Romanian liaison officer were killed in the incident.

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