Popularity Of Greek Neo-Nazi Party Continues Surging

Popularity Of Greek Neo-Nazi Party Continues Surging (ZeroHedge, Sep 20, 2012):

There is a reason why we called the graph of youth unemployment in Europe ‘the scariest chart’ as quite simply, it is the leading indicator for what most call ‘social unrest’ – but some would call ‘uprising’. In somewhat stunning news today, not only do a majority (54%) of Greeks no longer trust any political party, but the popularity of the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn has risen dramatically since May. According to Ekathimerini, the popularity of Golden Dawn’s leader Nikos Mihalolioakos has risen ten points since May to an incredible 22%. More than 1 in 5 Greeks now support the neo-nazi party as the general disillusionment with mainstream political parties – who are seen as lying to get votes – grows stronger. 85% believe that the new measures planned by the government to take affect them personally or another member of their family and 68% are against the terms of the EU’s bailout. Via Skai.gr:

The stunning performance (absolute and relative) of the Golden Dawn party relative to the rest of Greece’s political parties is truly concerning…no on par with PASOK!!

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