Muslims Pawns of Israel and Romney in US Attacks (Veterans Today)



Muslims Pawns of Israel and Romney in US Attacks (Veterans Today, Sep 17, 2012):

Muslim World Duped into Complicity in Israeli Meddling in US Election, Destroying Own Society

The recent “film” spoken of and carefully translated by supposed “Muslim” media never existed.  The translations and distribution done in the Middle East was at the hands of media long under Mossad employ.

Anyone who doesn’t think that Israel has bought or infiltrated or manipulates much of the Islamic media or plays them using advance “psyops” by feeding stories blaming the US for Israeli actions is an amateur or traitor, you choose.

The primary reason for the recent upheaval is that the US has begun, finally, supporting Islamic governments and standing up to Israel.

What is not understood and never looked at is the Israeli penetration of groups within the US capable of appearing as though they control US policy.

US media, the internet, the news sources seen in the Middle East and as said earlier, the Israeli controlled or influence Islamic media, and, at times, all Islamic media ends up carrying Israel’s storyline and plots, has given a false impression.

Currently Netanyahu’s popularity in the US and his influence over the US presidency is nil.  During an election year, Israeli “garbage” is spewed but in private, every news agency in the world well knows there is a huge rift between the US and Israel, as pointed out by President Ahmadinejad of Iran.

Obama has refused to meet with Netanyahu in Washington or New York, General Dempsey has told Netanyahu he has no US support against Iran, something that started Netanyahu screaming and US Ambassador to Israel, Don Siegel reported a similar violent confrontation with Netanyahu.

Netanyahu’s response was to use US assets, dual Israeli citizens, rogue CIA groups from the Bush administration, Google Corporation and Youtube and right wing media groups under the control of AIPAC, the Israeli lobby in the US that supports Mitt Romney against President Obama.

Now Netanyahu has managed to get the Islamic world behind his plot against a free election in the US, to dupe Muslims around the world into attacking American facilities and what has fed into it?

The media in the Islamic World and Russia has become addicted to amateurish anti-American rhetoric by individuals, some are actually Mossad plants, other legitimate but angry anti-imperialists who have genuine grievances against the US.

The mix from these and the professionals like Jim W. Dean or Peter Eyre present a cartoonish and unprofessional offset to the even worse media of the west, almost entirely owned and controlled by assets of Israel.

Answering lies with misinformation doesn’t offset the original lies, especially when the “opposition” had long been infiltrated and controlled by Israeli interests.

Nothing is more frustrating than finding Islamic media carrying distorted perceptions of the west orchestrated in Tel Aviv.  Anyone who makes enough noise claiming to be “anti-Zionist,” can get news space or airtime and spread Netanyahu’s plots that have long been used to keep Arab against Arab the same way they created rifts inside the US and Britain, by fomenting hate and division.

This is “War by Deception,” and to those trained in such things, I am one, their attempts are sometimes clever but too often obvious.  The message is always the same, “buying in” with just enough criticism of the US or seeming support of Palestine and then hijacking the dialog and leading down the path Israel wants, away from productive discussion.

The game has long been the same, to gain political control of the US to hijack the world’s largest military capability to be used by International Bankers, drug dealers or to keep corrupt regimes in power that crush the rights of the Islamic people of the world.

This could never be done without heavily infiltrating Islamic countries.  Agents are trained from early life to appear as Muslims or travel freely under German and Canadian passports.  To an American, we know in a second we are dealing with an Israeli but to most Muslims, they think it is a German or Canadian.

To a trained intelligence officer, these are simply co-workers, with their own agendas, easily recognized by us but few others.  The numbers are staggering, infiltrating Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, running Germany, Britain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Australia, Canada and the US, either overtly or in congress with the Murdoch spy organization exposed in recent investigations in Britain.

Phone hacking?  Since when is blackmailing the head of Special Branch or listening in on Prime Ministers or the Royal Family just phone hacking?  It is espionage but when you have so much power, you can stand in front of any investigation, say what you please, get on your private plane and fly away.

This time, the attacks across the Middle East, timed to undermine western resistance to an attack on Iran have ended up being the biggest self-deception of all.   I expect legitimate members of the media to want to chase stories not realizing they are being “hand fed” by spies.

It is clearly much further than that, that media are controlled.  Behind every demonstration there has been the hand of a spy agency.

Critical, of course, is the timing.  Why would Islam attack the US when it would only serve Israeli interests and push Americans toward wanting a war on Iran, one no American wanted before?

As an intelligence professional, there are things I can and cannot write.  My journalistic efforts intend only to give a view of the actual workings of the real world; something the media and few people get to see.  For this I pay a dear price.

Media is about one thing, telling people what they want to hear, no matter how wrong.  Intelligence loves the media and this inherent weakness, their desire to tell a story and not question its source or to see its long term consequences.

We saw this over the years in the American media, no investigations, only hand fed press releases traded for “access” to decision makers who proved themselves increasingly foreign controlled, increasingly incompetent and, eventually, blatantly evil such as with the Bush administration.

The mythology of the past, the long institutionalized lies of 9/11, the war on terror, Osama bin Laden, Al Qaeda, the Taliban and Iran became “historical truths,” never to be challenged, not even by a president for fear of being labeled a “conspiracy theorist.”

Thus, we have seen even President Obama, a man of good decision making but hampered by a government surrounding him bought and paid for by organized crime, parrot total lies.

His actions, many of which have been totally the opposite, have not been reported.  The press doesn’t just “not understand,” they are ingrained in being part of the problem themselves, the “lie factory” of the west.

Well, for the “lie factory of the west,” there is an Islamic equivalent.  Some news sources are partially independent but all are, to some extent, misled, or bullied into accepting long institutionalized misconceptions and lies at the risk of being accused of conspiracy or propaganda.

The real truth is so far from what news reports that I am used quite often as the voice of “reality” because professional broadcasters would commit career suicide if they spoke out honestly.

No American broadcaster has lasted a day after telling the truth as Rick Sanchez, Dan Rather and Helen Thomas could tell you.

It goes further, it penetrates the universities, academics who teach fact instead of government certified conspiracy tales are immediately fired or end up in court battles to keep their employment.

Few survive such battles.

I have more than a few friends with extensive academic credentials who stay home with their children, supported by their wives, because they openly questioned the absurdities of the official story of 9/11.

Right now, President Obama, Secretary Clinton and General Dempsey are working to block this attempt to hijack US military power and turn it on Iran.

Every demonstrator might as well be getting a paycheck from Israel.  I can’t blame people for lack of decision making and discernment when the American people have done little but be led like cattle for years.

It can happen to anyone.

However, the belief that a plot inside the US government tied to President Obama is, somehow, meant to insult Islam is utterly insane.

What has happened, however, is that millions of Muslims have been duped and turned into enemies of their own futures by renegade groups, some Americans, mostly “dual citizens, “ not really Americans at all and by traitors in their own midst, many of whom originate in the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia.

Other nations have looked on and seen how they can profit from this, some complicit, some feeding the “lie factory,” some in NATO and others simply seeking to supplant the Bush era moves in Central Asia and the Middle East with plots of their own, allied with the Israeli’s now themselves, as the US has now moved away.

It is overly simplistic to underestimate the many agencies and powers involved, some national, some quasi-national, who are rubbing their hands in glee and plotting to crush the Muslim world as they show themselves to be easily controlled, easily fooled and, frankly, as stupid as the rest of the world.

Throughout the Islamic community, divided as it is, there is no mechanism for understanding the plots going on, nothing to protect people from manipulation, no one to put the truth out there.

The things I am saying here will anger many.

I simply don’t care, I am not paid to lie, I serve no master other than my own conscience.  I have watched the entire world victimized.  Any educated person has to note historical inconsistencies that lend credence to the speculation that secret organization wield immense power of the world’s governments.

Noting anything else is naïve.

We are now in the midst of an extremely complex and successful plot, not unlike the one that began with 9/11 and led to the deaths of endless hundreds of thousands and the dissolution of real freedom in many of the nations of the west.

Those willing to risk the branding as “anti-semites” will note that Islam can be attacked in the most vicious way but criminal charges with long prison sentences are standard in a dozen or more “advanced nations” if a Jewish institution or the State of Israel is criticized

No sane person can miss that, not anymore.

There is near panic in Washington, not over Islam but over the fact that so many corporations such as Google or organizations such as the CATO Institute, groups who have ingrained themselves into influencing government or actually controlling our society have been implicated in what has clearly been a plot against the United States.

An attack on Islam by a handful of insane people who describe themselves as “Zionists,” tied directly to Israel and aligned with corporations and think tanks under the ownership and control of Israeli citizens and, somehow, managing to sell this as an “American plot” has them dancing in the streets in Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu is ecstatic.

He now believes he holds the keys to controlling the new Islamic world he had once feared.

It has been placed in his hands.

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