Obama’s Change: Killing Without Trial, Spying Without Warrant (Video) – OBAMA 2012!

Voting for elite puppet Romney or Obama makes no (real) difference:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The Election Of The Next Puppet President: High Stake Outcomes Based On Non-issues:

“The selection of the next president of the US will depend on one thing alone–which of the two candidates financed by the ruling private oligarchy has the most effective propaganda.”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: The Dispossessed Majority – ‘The US Is Ruled By A Private Oligarchy. The Government Is Merely Their Front.’

“If americans had any sense, they would stay home and not vote.”

YouTube Added: 06.09.2012

1 thought on “Obama’s Change: Killing Without Trial, Spying Without Warrant (Video) – OBAMA 2012!”

  1. If anyone still thinks their vote makes a particle of difference, they live in a dream world. Both parties are totally corrupt, and serve the corporate oligarchy that has a stranglehold on the world economy, not the people.
    Vote? For whom? The GOP leaders disregarded the wishes of millions of their own members by blocking Ron Paul’s delegates from being seated at their own convention. The democrats did the same thing to Dennis Kucinich in 2008…..any man who speaks for the people must be sidelined.
    Vote? Its a joke.
    Great article. Thanks as always.


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