Jesse Ventura Talks 9/11, Makes FOX Idiot Anchor Leave Stage (Video)

YouTube Added: 19.05.2009


Ventura On Fox on 5/19

Fox anchor leaves stage after his government sponsored act gets nowhere when talking with Ventura.

1 thought on “Jesse Ventura Talks 9/11, Makes FOX Idiot Anchor Leave Stage (Video)”

  1. Jesse Ventura is a liar, cheat, briber and phony Navy SEAL. Even his name is phony. He is James Janos. This is all documented in my book, “Always Cheat”
    The Philosophy of Jesse Ventura. My book cancelled Ventura’s plans to run for a second term as Minnesota Governor.
    I knocked Ventura and his son off the Government Center Plaza in Minneapolis where they were trying to befriend the Occupy Movement people, some of
    whom Ventura victimized when he supported torture at the Highway 55 police raid.
    You can find “Always Cheat” at or Barnes and Noble. In the Twin Cities “Always Cheat” can be found at most libraries.
    Or contact me for a complimentary copy.
    Leslie Davis, President


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