Biologist: Dramatic Damage To Fukushima Animals And Plants … Now Seen At The Level Of DNA

Biologist: We’ve seen dramatic effects on Fukushima’s animals & plants — Now we’re seeing it at the level of DNA (AUDIO) (ENENews, Aug 21, 2012):

Interview with Tim Mousseau
5 o’clock Shadow with Robert Knight
WBAI New York
Date: August 16, 2012

DR. TIMOTHY MOUSSEAU, University of South Carolina biologist, Chernobyl/Fukushima researcher, and author of “Maternal Effects as Adaptations”, discusses the etiology of radiation-based mutations and consequences of Fukushima’s nuclear blowout.

At 37:00 in

MOUSSEAU: The animals and plants that are living in Chernobyl and living in Fukushima, we’re seeing dramatic effects on the abundances, biodiversity, and now we’re seeing this at the level of the DNA.

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