Scientific Paper On HAARP: ‘High-Power ELF Radiation Generated By Modulated HF Heating Of The Ionosphere Can Cause Earthquakes, Cyclones And Localized Heating’

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Source:  High-power ELF radiation generated by modulated HF heating of the ionosphere can cause Earthquakes, Cyclones and localized heating (This is a well reference paper citing 30 other scientific papers on the powers of HAARP)

Physicist: HAARP Enables Earthquakes, Cyclones, Gravity Cloaks, Time Travel And Light Speed Spacecraft (Before It’s News, April 22, 2012):

Brazilian physicist Fran De Aquino of Maranhao State University (Physics Department, S.Luis/MA, Brazil) reports that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) technology can be used to cause earthquake, cyclones and create gravity shields to aid in moving heavy objects in conjunction with gravity cloaks in his 2011 paper “ High-power ELF radiation generated by modulated HF heating of the ionosphere can cause Earthquakes, Cyclones and localized heating”.   The paper also touches on technology used for time travel, speed of light space travel, why the Philadelphia Experiment failed and could succeed with modifications as well as how gigantic monoliths might be made weightless and moved with ease.

According to  De Aquino, “The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) is currently the most important facility used to generate extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic radiation in the ionosphere. In order to produce this ELF radiation the HAARP transmitter radiates a strong beam of high-frequency (HF) waves modulated at ELF. This HF heating modulates the electrons’ temperature in the D region ionosphere and leads to modulated conductivity and a time-varying current which then radiates at the modulation frequency. Recently, the HAARP HF transmitter operated with 3.6GW of effective radiated power modulated at frequency of 2.5Hz. It is shown that high-power ELF radiation generated by HF ionospheric heaters, such as the current HAARP heater, can cause earthquakes, cyclones and strong localized heating.”

Generating electromagnetic radiation at extremely-low frequencies is difficult because the long wavelengths require long antennas, extending for hundreds of kilometers. Natural ionospheric currents provide such an antenna if they can be modulated at the desired frequency. The generation of ELF electromagnetic radiation by modulated heating of the ionosphere has been the subject matter of numerous papers .

Several HF ionospheric heaters have been built in the course of the latest decades in order to study the ELF waves produced by the heating of the ionosphere with HF radiation. Currently, the HAARP heater is the most powerful ionospheric heater, with 3.6GW of effective power using HF heating beam, modulated at ELF (2.5Hz)

De Aquino’s paper shows that high-power ELF radiation generated by modulated HF heating of the lower ionosphere, such as that produced by the current HAARP heater, can cause earthquakes, cyclones and strong localized heating.

According to De Aquino, based on the phenomenon of reduction of local gravity related to the Gravitational Shieldings generated by HAARP frequencies, it is possible to create a device for moving very heavy loads such as large monoliths, for example. Very heavy loads can be transported through the use of what Aquino calls Gravitational Shielding Mantles which are made by layers of high-dielectric strength semiconductor sandwiched by two metallic foils and insulation layers. The Gravitational Shielding Mantle can be made so that it is only 1 millimeter in thickness.

Device for transporting very heavy loads. Itis possible to transport very heavy loads by using a Gravitational Shielding Mantle – A Mantle with a set of 8 semiconductor layers or more (each layer with 10?m thickness, sandwiched by two metallic foils with 10?mthickness). The total thickness of the mantle (including the insulation layers) is ~1mm. The metallic foils are connected to the ends of an ELF voltage source in order to generate ELF electromagnetic fields through the semiconductor layers. The objective is to create Gravitational Shieldings.

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The illustration brings to mind the megalithic structures of the past and De Aquino presents a technology which would have made it possible to move such gigantic structures with a Gravity Mantle which can be thought of as a cloak to shield an object from the effects of gravity.

Time dilation is an observed difference of elapsed time between two observers which are moving relative to each other, or being differently situated from nearby gravitational masses. This effect arises from the nature of space-time described by the theory of relativity.

Think Philadelphia Experiment. The Philadelphia Experiment is the name of an alleged naval military experiment said to have been carried out at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA sometime around October 28, 1943. It is alleged that the U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge was to be rendered invisible (or “cloaked”) to enemy devices. The experiment is also referred to as Project Rainbow.

The story is widely regarded as a hoax The U.S. Navy maintains that no such experiment occurred, and details of the story contradict well-established facts about the Eldridge, as well as the known laws of physics. The story has captured imaginations of people in conspiracy theory circles, and they repeat elements of the Philadelphia Experiment in other government conspiracy theories

Now, consider a ship in the ocean.  It is made of steel, says De Aquino.When subjected to a uniform ELF electromagnetic field, with intensity and frequency the ship will perform a transition in time to another time. It is important to note that the electromagnetic field , besides being uniform, must remain with the ship during the transition to the new time. If it is not uniform, each part of the ship will perform transitions to different times in the future.  In order for the electromagnetic field remains with the ship, it is necessary that all the parts, which are involved with the generation of the field, stay inside the ship. If persons are inside the ship they will perform transitions to different times in the future because their conductivities and densities are different.

Since the conductivity and density of the ship and of the persons are different, they will perform transitions to different times. This means that the ship and the persons must have the same characteristics, in order to perform transitions to the same time. Thus, in this way it is unsuitable and highly dangerous to make transitions to the future with persons. However, there is a way to solve this problem by making sure the gravity and conductivity of the bodies and the ship are equal.  In the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment, it is said that the bodies of some crewmen became embedded in the ship’s steel.

With the advent of the Gravitational Spacecrafts [De Aquino, F. (1998),The Gravitational Spacecraft, E. Spacecraft Journal, 27,pp.6-13.], which could reach velocities close to the light speed, this possibility will become very promising. It was shown in a previous paper [De Aquino, F.(2010) Mathematical Foundations of the Relativistic Theory of Quantum Gravity, Pacific Journal of Science and Technology, 11(1), June 2010, pp.173-232.] that by varying the gravitational mass of the spacecraft for negative or positive we can go respectively to the past or future.

The Gravitational Spacecraft describes that an electromagnetic factor of correlation between gravitational mass and inertial mass, which in specific electromagnetic conditions, can be reduced, made negative and increased in numerical value. This means that gravitational forces can be reduced, inverted and intensified by means of electromagnetic fields. Such control of the gravitational interaction can have a lot of practical applications. For example, a new concept of spacecraft and aerospace flight arises from the possibility of the electromagnetic control of the gravitational mass. The novel spacecraft called Gravitational Spacecraft possibly will change the paradigm of space flight and transportation in general. Here, its operation principles and flight possibilities, it will be described. Also it will be shown that other devices based on gravity control, such as the Gravitational Motor and the Quantum Transceivers, can be used in the spacecraft, respectively, for Energy Generation and Telecommunications.


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