The Measles Lie, And The Ongoing Ad Campaign Disguised As News

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The Measles Lie, and the ongoing ad campaign disguised as news (Natural News, May 6, 2012):

An article in the Daily Mail UK, has reported that there has been the highest rate of measles infection since 1988. It goes on to say that 214 cases have been reported in the Mersey-side area alone. In a blatant advert for the MMR vaccination, Dr Roberto Vivancos from the Health Protection Agency, said “It is obvious from these statistics that people who are not fully vaccinated are not just at risk themselves, but they pose an infection risk to others.” He is also quoted as saying that measles is “very infectious and can cause very serious complications” and that he would “strongly advise parents to ensure that their children are vaccinated.”

The first measles vaccine was available in the UK in 1968 and US in 1963. The infection and death rates for measles had decreased significantly over the previous century with the introduction of better sanitation, food and warmer homes. The death and infection rates did not significantly change after 1968, but rather raised and fell seasonally as it had previously. The controversial MMR vaccine was introduced in 1988 in the UK and the US and again no significant change in death rates have occurred since.

Despite the introduction of the vaccine in 1968, the official policy in the UK until 1988 was that if a member of the household had measles, then they should play with and infect as many people as possible to spread immunity. This practice was carried out without any increase in death rates. The same can also be said for rubella and mumps, although the advice was that adults should take precautions so that they did not become infected if they did not have immunity, due to fertility issues.

Vaccinating for profit

The side effects of the MMR vaccine of fever, fitting, meningitis symptoms, autism and long-term brain damage have been reported since 1988 with compensation paid to some parents. The long-term onset of autism in children who have been vaccinated with MMR is still a controversial topic. The rates of autism in the US and the UK have increased from approximately 1 in 2500 in 1987 to 1 in 64 in 2011 in the UK, with similar figures for the US.

As the statistics show that the measles and MMR vaccines have had very little effect on death rates, and the alarming rise in autism coincides with the uptake of MMR since its introduction. The only conclusion that can be drawn, is that the real reason that vaccines are so popular with the medical and pharmaceutical industries, is profit.

It is all too easy to go with the flow and vaccinate a child because of the often aggressive advertising in favor of vaccines. The body’s natural response to infection is usually strong enough in well fed, healthy children who live in warm comfortable surroundings. It is the weaker malnourished children that are most likely to suffer complications. This is a fact backed up by the reductions in death rates for childhood infections that coincide with the introduction of free school meals in the UK for example.

The greatest threat to health comes from poverty, this can be seen in action in Africa where clean water, sanitation, good housing and reliable farming would cut death rates as it has in the western world. But as there is little profit in that, they get sent vaccines instead.

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1 thought on “The Measles Lie, And The Ongoing Ad Campaign Disguised As News”

  1. My MMR vac did NOT prevent me from getting the Mumps when I was 12. I got it from being near a cousin who had Mumps. Obviously, his vac didn’t work, either.
    My son, who is now 11, reacted to his MMR vac according to his dr. He ran a HIGH fever (104) & was covered from head to toe in red bumps. He reacted to every single vac he received.
    And his dr told me I was stupid for opting out of the chicken pox vac. At the time, the US did not have a chicken pox booster program in place & it can be very dangerous for an adult to have chicken pox. Needless to say, he caught the chicken pox at age 6 from my brother who had a case of Shingles at the time.
    Vaccinations & the companies who profit from them are ridiculous. Especially when they are “stacked” & kids get too many all at one time.


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