Arnie Gunderson: More Cesium In Reactor 4 SFP Than All Nukes Ever Exploded

Gundersen: As much cesium in No. 4 fuel pool as in all 800 atomic bombs ever dropped — Fukushima would be at one place, at one time, and on ground level (AUDIO, 30 min.):

Title: Arnie Gundersen Interview
Source: WBAI’s Five O’Clock Shadow
Date: Tuesday April 17, 2012 5:00pm

At 25:45 in

There’s enough fuel in that pool, that it’s almost as much cesium as in all of the atom bombs that were ever dropped into the atmosphere, 800 bombs were dropped into the atmosphere, well there’s as much cesium in that one pool as in those bombs.

It could very easily cut Japan in half […]

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  1. Once again, Gundersen is making a mountain out of a mole-hill and stretching it into something apocalyptic. The cesium from Hiroshima wasn’t the killer. 85% of those who died were killed by the explosion itself…searing heat, shock wave, flying debris, etc. Most those who died over the next 20 years due to the rad exposure from the intense, almost instantaneous gamma and neutron radiation burst as the shock wave expanded. A relative few died of fallout ingestion, mostly from neutron activated materials the bomb threw into the air and dispersed in a thick cloud. In more than 35 years of research on the subject, I have found no H/N deaths attributed to cesium exposure. Also, the death-due-to-800-bomb-cesium numbers are all the result of creative mathematics and the no-safe-level assumption. Does 800 times zero equal apocalypse?


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