CFR Member Mitt Romney Gains Half Of Wyoming Delegates (CNN)


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Romney gains half of Wyoming delegates (CNN, Mar 10, 2012):

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney picked up 13 of the 26 delegates at stake in Wyoming, based on new results from the state’s county conventions that concluded Saturday.

While the former Massachusetts governor won the Wyoming caucuses on February 29, delegates were not allocated until this weekend.

Rick Santorum, who placed second in last month’s contest, gained seven delegates, while Ron Paul won four and Newt Gingrich earned one.

Combined with Romney’s other delegate hauls on Saturday in Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and the Virgin Islands, CNN’s delegate estimate now shows that Romney leads the GOP pack with 458 delegates.

Meanwhile, Santorum has 203, Gingrich has 118 and Paul has 66.

The next round of contests take place Tuesday, when voters in Alabama, Mississippi, Hawaii and American Samoa head to the polls.

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  1. This is such bull crap. Go on to the Council of Foreign Relations, The Tri Lateralist Commission, and Bildeberger websites, that proudly list members. Willard Mitt Romney’s name, nor Bain Capitol is NOT listed on any of them. You are spinning propaganda. Shame on you. The truth is out there, but this ain’t it!


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