RIP Whitney Houston – Video With Mariah Carey Loaded With Illuminati Symbolism


Old School Illuminati Symbolism: Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston (1999 video) (The Vigilant Citizen):

This performance of When You Believe by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston at the 1999 Oscars begins rather conventionally but quickly becomes an all-out Illuminati extravaganza, complete with a checkerboard floor, a pyramid and an “illuminated” occulus doubling as a solar deity at the top. Odd fact: both singers suffered a rather violent breakdown in the following years.

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  1. An Egyptian casket is SHAMELESSLY placed outside the Whigham Funeral Home where Whitney Houston’s wake is held. What has an Egyptian Pharaoh’s casket got to do with Whitney’s religion, which happens to be Christianity? Even a normal person who lacks inquisitiveness would question that. Or perhaps there is more to Whitney’s death than what is reported by mainstream media.

    Most corporatists in financial and industrial conglomerates in the world pride themselves as the sovereign of world economics. The entertainment industry is no exception. It may seem isolated from economics but in fact, it is run by the same cabal. This transnational cabal works under the common name of Illuminati and fervently practise and adher to the sacrificial rituals and ceremonies that trace their roots in Sumerian culture, the oldest recorded or the cradle of civilisation in the history of man. How do they become the most powerful people in the world? Who are they? Where do they come from? How do they come to have legitimate rights over world hegemony, putting themselves in a class of their own and branding themselves as elite and royals? How did they earn these titles? Where is the link between these rulers and Whitney’s death?

    We have to trace back to the dawn of human history. They believe that their genetic make-up and thus, their spirit in their blood are of royal nature, of godly nature who owed their creation to gods, those who came from the sky. Inscriptions found in parts of the world mentioned rulers of cultures who were royal in blood and in spirit. This ruling power has been passed down from generation to generation which has eventually extended throughout the globe, withstanding the tests of time and remaining as a prevalent influence in our daily social and belief systems, technology and economic development. The general populace are simply subject to more than 60 years of psychological warfare conditioning. The general populace ignorantly believe we have a free and unfettered press which play an ultimate role in shaping our social, educational and belief systems.
    Blood sacrifice and the human blood are significant for the communication between humans and other worldly beings. Blood is said to serve as a cosmic fuel that connects the living to the dead or other worldly spiritual beings. Some rulers in the past would deliberately slice themselves and draw blood to alter their brain chemistry which would lead to an altered state and a “Vision” which would indicate the future path for the nation. So, a death state or an altered state provides an access to the other world. Other rituals would involve drinking of the blood as a means to communicate with their gods and a bid to attain godlike immortality.

    Whitney died on the 11th February 2012. The day of her death suggests the number 11. In occult numerology, it is the master number and it indicates vision. Coincidence? February is a 29 day month. If we add “2” and “9”, the sum is number 11. Coincidence again? Experts say that this month and its numerological significance indicate an auspicious time for rituals and blood sacrifices. Whitney was bleeding before she died. It was reported that her wrist was slashed. There were loud thumps in her room which could be heard by occupants below her room.

    Blood is the life force of humans. Ancient astronaut theorists postulate that blood sacrifices could be a distortion and ancients had wrongly interpreted blood sacrifices as necessary rituals to reach their gods, but in fact it was originally just spiritual beings showing them how important human blood was. Unfortunately, blood sacrifices are seen as a significant ritual to help the occult achieve their means. (I suggest that you take a look at Ancient Aliens season 3 episode 14 Aliens and the Undead)
    If we do not understand early history of the origins of humans, as indicated by hieroglyphs and cuneiform on tablets left behind by the ancients, numerology, the reason for the practice of ancient rituals and rites, the origins of the members of the inconspicuous cabal that is controlling every industry and aspect of our lives in this world, the mind conditioning and the psychological warfare planning via mainstream media, we would never be able to understand the significance of Whitney Houston’s ultimate sacrifice to their Goddess Isis and preparation for the Olympics 2012. When you see Egyptian motif alongside her wake, you would know how significant her soul is to them.

  2. There was this very famous story (English literature) loved by children and adults alike called “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe”. It depicted the lion as an allegory to Jesus Christ. When a boy, Edmund became the traitor (who was in the service of the witch) but repented later, the deep magic or the law said that every traitor must forfeit their lives to the Witch. The lion willingly sacrificed his life on Edmund’s behalf and the killing took place on the Stone Table. He was killed by an odd stone knife of an evil shape. The novel’s depiction of the lion’s death and resurrection is a clear allusion to the biblical story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.
    When the lion was resurrected, it was explained that there was a deeper magic that the witch did not know. But if she could have looked a little further back, before Time dawned, she would have known that when a willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor’s stead, the Table would crack and Death itself would start working backward.
    I realise that teaching this book is no longer a coincidence and I can use this story as an allegory to Whitney’s sacrifice. In a way, it’s giving me some comforting or a plausible answer to her fate beyond death.
    She wrote her life before she was born. She, as a soul decided that this was what it was to be, a sacrifice just like an allusion to the crucifixion of Jesus. If they had chosen people like her or Diana and since blood ritual sacrifices are practised fervently since time immemorial, they must be significant souls. Even though her mind and physical body could not comprehend the pain and suffering of the ritual, her soul knew better.
    The soul, knew the contract she had signed for whatever reason and became the willing victim who in this life committed no treachery but forfeited her life to the satanists. Thus, her sacrifice did not go in vain and I am sure her sacrifice is for a greater good, for the black community or the whole country maybe. I don’t think I would know for whom she had sacrificed but she had completed and fulfilled the signed contract and thus resurrected in some way that I couldn’t comprehend or spiritually, she is now in a realm of God.

    I just miss her so much. She is the bravest woman I know, taking into consideration of all that she had gone through and most importantly, someone who had played the ultimate role of a sacrificial lamb for the lower deities. That is brave. Being mind conditioned, she overcame the odds and still had majesty, power, passion and love in her music. She never once blamed her life on God in public. That is a valiant and bold effort. If it were me, I think I would have collapsed in a heap long time ago. Unfortunately, even fans and critics panned her as the fallen angel with a paradoxical life of descent to drugs and self-destruction.
    There are masses within the general populace who are simply subject to years of psychological warfare conditioning. The general populace ignorantly believe we have a free and unfettered press. We criticise those whom we deem unfit but little do we realise that we are also part of the problem in entirety. Instead of criticising each other because of different interpretations or perspective in life, we had better understand that we are really all one people in the entire cosmos. We are all one people in the entire universe, one in universal consciousness and one in universal understanding.


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