Nevada: The Election Results Are Rigged!!!

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this was a live feed on CNN consisting of JEWISH caucus goers. the one time we get to hear the live results instead of have the results being delivered to us, ron paul wins HUGE! the tally was
Santorum -16
Gingrich – 57
Romney – 61
Paul – 183

YouTube Added: 06.02.2012

Nevada! Clark County Vote Fraud (The Intel Hub, Feb. 5, 2012):

Caucuses are a hotbed for corruption. Votes can be changed, tossed, or miscounted at almost any time in some caucus settings. Transparency has been eliminated in the process as some counties wisp their results away to a secret location to tally the vote totals.

Over 900 ‘dead people’ cast their votes in South Carolina and Iowa GOP Chairman Matt Strawn recently stepped down amidst vote controversy.

News coverage surrounding the Paul campaign has highlighted his failure to place first in 4 early contests, but online forums and organizations have been labeling voter fraud a potential culprit.

The media is not reporting on Congressman Paul’s record breaking event crowds of over 3,000 in St. Cloud, 1,500 in Colorado, and other audiences trending the same numbers throughout the campaign.

The Paul team is a well-oiled grassroots machine and has always been expected to perform exceptionally well, and even win in the caucus states.

With that being said Ron Paul led 4 out 5 Iowa Caucus polls in the days before the event but eventually fell to third place. Paul led FOX, CNN, and MSNBC entrance polls and with 27% of the precincts reporting he was leading the field. Slowly as the tallies updated Paul fell to second behind mitt Romney and then suddenly to third behind Santorum by a few thousand votes.

Ron Paul drew in crowds of over 1,300 while Santorum spoke to as few as 75 people at some Iowa rallies. In Nevada the entrance polls showed Congressman Paul edging out the Speaker and hovering around the 20% range, tying Newt at 17% among somewhat conservative voters. Beating Gingrich 35% to 11% among Moderately Liberal voters and trailing him 23% to 16% among tea party supporters.

After the first round of votes was reported by CNN Paul and Gingrich were virtually tied at 800 with Paul leading 19% to 18%. A few updates later and Gingrich experiences a surge to 23% while Ron drops one point. With 48% of the precincts reporting at 4:50 a.m. Central Time the vote totals have not changed for nine hours, Newt topples Ron 26% to 19%.

There’s one problem that has emerged, Clark County has not released it’s votes. An important largely populous county home to Las Vegas is not reporting?

With 94% of the votes unreleased Romney bests Paul for first with 55% to 29% or 400 votes to 157. Keep in mind with less than a majority of the state reporting the headlines are being bannered across every major newspaper and television program reading ‘Romney Wins Nevada.’

Paul supporters attended a special religious caucus at a Jewish Private School in Clark County, a school named after Casino big-wig and Gingrich supporter Sheldon Adelson. Reports by the Los Angeles Times indicate that 17 speakers stumped for Paul at the caucus and less than five spoke for the remaining candidates.

Paul’s support was labeled ‘Dominant’ and led to a ‘Crushing’ victory garnering 183 votes to Romney’s 61. Gingrich and Santorum combined for 73 votes. Despite this reported vote total Paul remains stalled at 157 votes according every source of results.

The delay in the vote count/release process is very suspicious and voter fraud may indeed be relevant in Clark County. If Ron Paul turned out similar crowds to other caucus sites and challenged Romney for a first place finish in Clark I think we deserve to know, immediately.

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