‘Austerity’ In France: Nicolas Sarkozy Spends £10,000 Per Day On Food, Keeps 121 Cars Under His Palace


Nicolas Sarkozy Lives Like ‘God In France’: 8 Jets, 61 Official Cars, 1000 Staffers (44 Chauffeurs, 87 Cooks), Fresh Flowers Every Day For €280.000 A Year …

Austerity, moi? Nicolas Sarkozy spends £10k a day on food and keeps 121 cars under his palace (Daily Mail, Feb. 7, 2012):

Nicolas Sarkozy has been promising to cut back on his presidential spending, but he’s actually splashing out £10,000 a day on food and keeps 121 cars under the Elysee Palace, according to a new book.

Socialist MP Rene Dosiere, in L’argent de l’État (Money from the State), sets out what he sees as extraordinary excesses by the French President.

In the explosive book, he accuses Sarkozy of ‘ignoring the most elementary principles of the separation between private and public accounts’.

Sarkozy, whose palace budget exceeds that of the Queen, recently stated that there will be a ‘rupture’ with his past money-splurging ways and more transparency.

He has cancelled the annual £500,000 palace garden party, but this doesn’t go far enough, according to Dosiere.

Just last week he sent a medical team to the Ukraine on board a state-owned private jet to attend to one of his sons, Pierre, and fly him back to Paris to the tune of £22,000.

His fleet of cars is double the size of predecessor Jacques Chirac’s and cost, annually, £100,000 to insure and a whopping £275,000 to fuel.

Then there are his huge travel costs.

He uses an Airbus A330 – dubbed Air Sarko One – that drained the public purse of £215million to kit out, is accompanied by a delegation of 300 people on trips abroad and travels more often that previous presidents, claims Dosiere.

Recent excursions include an 80-mile trip to Saint-Quentin, from Paris, that cost £350,000, a £109,000 sortie to the Lascaux caves with Bruni and a two-and-a-half-hour trip to Ain that Dosiere worked out cost £700 a minute.

What’s more, he never seems to linger anywhere to meet locals and absorb their culture.

‘Mitterrand and Chirac knew how to take their time admiring a landscape, meeting people, interesting themselves in the history of the host country, Sarkozy behaves like a man in a hurry,’ complains Dosiere.

The French people also chip in for a thousand pounds worth of daily newspapers and Sarkozy’s ‘house’ wine, the red option being a £160 bottle of Crozes-Hermitage, which guests use to wash down foods such as lobster carpaccio and calves cheeks.

His total annual expenditure comes to £95million.

‘The figures make you giddy,’ says Dosiere.

1 thought on “‘Austerity’ In France: Nicolas Sarkozy Spends £10,000 Per Day On Food, Keeps 121 Cars Under His Palace”

  1. Always, people seem to forget that la belle France is a working man’s republic.

    Including le petit president.

    Despite attempts by Alain Juppé and Domenique De Villepin to reform the Social Contract, the root and branch of France is still to the left.

    M. le President Bling Bling (As my more informed French friends call him) is a far right corporatist: and the seductive lies he has repeatedly uttered as he tried, vainly, to dismantle French heritage will not work this time around, I fear.

    As Interior Minister, Sarkozy promised to “Flush the scum……..” out of the banlieues, using water cannon etc.This chimed with the average French voter, fed up with EU diktats on immigration.Since which time, Sarkozy has done nothing much: apart from forcibly ejecting rootless Rumanian Roma with no income and homes.Who promptly came straight back.M. Hollande is a sho in: as France once more swings back to the left.


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