Workers Ordered To Chop Up US Soldiers And Dump Bodies In Landfill (AP – Video)

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Body parts belonging to U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan were routinely cremated and then dumped in a landfill site. For five years, between 2003 and 2008, staff at the Dover Air Force base mortuary, Delaware, disposed of parts that could not be identified or were later recovered from the battlefield. Family members were not told what happened to their relatives – and the company running the landfill site was not even informed what was being thrown away.

A damning report found that an arm bone belonging to a dead marine was hacked off without asking his parents by staff at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

An ankle and some soft tissue went unaccounted for due to ‘gross mismanagement’ and may have been mixed in with the remains of other soldiers.

Whistleblowers also claimed that the fetal remains of dependents of military personnel were shipped from Germany back to the U.S. in cardboard boxes that had already been used.

Three officials have been disciplined at Dover – but none have lost their jobs.

The scandal at Dover Air Force base began after complaints by three whistleblowers – civilians who worked as embalmers or technicians – who sparked an 18-month investigation by the Air Force Inspector General.

A separate probe was carried out by the Office of Special Counsel, an independent federal investigative agency which looks into claims by whistleblowers.

Among the most egregious instances was when the family of one marine asked to see his dead body one more time – so staff at Dover hacked his arm bone off.

The heat from a bomb attack in Afghanistan had caused the soldier’s arm to fuse at 90 degrees to his body so he was unable to fit into his uniform or his casket.

But instead of speaking to his family to see what was for the best, staff went ahead and trimmed it anyway.

The investigation found the two body parts that went missing were a piece of an ankle belonging to a soldier killed by a bomb in Afghanistan in April 2009.

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  1. What will happen in the end will be that some low level staff will be charged with a crime kicked out with a dishonorable discharge and the true leaders that instructed the subordinates will be let go without , this is how our military works. In the end the crime will be covered up and dismissed, but the problem will never be truly be fixed, till we hold the accountable accountable.


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