Japanese School’s Water Supply Facility On Top Of the Roof Was Left Open And It Is Not Known Since When

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The water supply facility was left open, and school doesn’t know since when (Fukushima Diary, Jan. 28, 2012):

The father to have 2 children go to elementary school tweeted about the management ability of a school in Japan.

They live in Tamaku Kawasaki shi Kanagawa.



Elementary school of my children told us to bring water bottle because they can’t allow students to drink tap water. They found the lid of water supply facility opened by chance and they don’t know since when. The facility is on the roof of school.


From snow and rain, and even from the air, Iodine-131 and cesium-134,137 are measured constantly. School force children to have school lunch for no reason but they don’t even take care about the tap water.

This father is strongly doubting the management ability of school.

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