Goldman Sachs Punk’d Clients Yet Again

Goldman Punk’d Clients Yet Again (ZeroHedge, Dec. 12, 2011):

On Friday, following the announcement from Goldman that the firm’s had just turned more bullish on European financials raising banks from Underweight to Neutral, we said: “Goldman has just started selling European bank stocks to its clients, whom it is telling to buy European bank stocks. Said otherwise, the Stolpering of clients gullible enough to do what Goldman says and not does, has recommenced. Our advice, as always, do what Goldman’s flow desk is doing as it begins to unload inventory of bank stocks. Translation: run from European bank exposure.” Sure enough: European banks (as per BEBANKS) are now down 3.84% today alone, or -1.5% from the Thursday close, while the general MSCI Euro Fin sector, EUFN, is down 6% today. While not quite a slam dunk trade as a Stolper FX anti-reco, nobody has ever filed for bankruptcy by making money. Thank you Goldman.

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