Japanese Government Brainwashing Kids About Radiation (Video)

YouTube Added: 20.09.2011

The Japanese Science and Education Ministry (MEXT), is mandating a new curriculum which includes radiation education to be taught at schools across Japan. MEXT doesn’t only mandate education standards, they define specific material and teaching techniques in many cases. This video analyzes the new radiation education curriculum. This is the same ministry that is responsible for setting some of the sky-high radiation “safety” standards with regards to the Fukushima disaster.

This curriculum is aimed at junior high school and is thus compulsory education that all children in Japan will receive. Japanese junior high school is grades 8-10.

Links and references:
Japanese Science and Education Ministry courses of study. (This is information on the curriculum that MEXT mandates for Japanese school children – Japanese language only.)

Radiation Education Promotion Committee web site (Japanese)

My video on radioactive lantern mantels (which are used as part of the new radiation education material)

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