TEPCO To STOP Free Food For Fukushima Workers

TEPCO to Stop Free Food at J-Village for Fukushima I Nuke Plant Workers (EX-SKF, Sep. 6, 2011):

or so the tweet by the worker at the plant with big twitter followings says:


Oh by the way, like I tweeted some time ago, we’re notified September 14 will be the last day of [free food] distribution at J-Village.

J-Village is the staging area for the plant workers. After September 14, TEPCO will make the workers pay for food, if what he tweeted is true.

TEPCO has been bleeding badly financially because of the nuclear accident. The Japanese government, now under the new administration whose approval rate is suspiciously high, continues to pretend it is a problem of a private business. TEPCO does not have a choice but to treat the accident as some maintenance job gone really very bad, and try to come up with a cost-effective patchwork.

And what does the government do (or say it will do)? Embark on the huge “decontamination” projects with government scientists and big corporations and heads of municipal governments that will probably waste billions.

And the Japanese people are still content to be governed.

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