Japanese Military Analyst Reports Very Serious Chinese Nuclear Submarine Accident, Radiation Leaking

Japanese Military Analyst: Chinese Nuclear Submarine Accident in Dalian, China?? (EX-SKF, July 30, 2011):

and radiation is leaking, the analyst says. He also mentions the high-speed train accident, and says there are 259 people dead so far.

It was reported by Mamoru Sato on his blog on July 30. I have no idea who he really is, but the bio on his blog says he was a fighter pilot in the Self Defense Air Force of Japan, and was then a high-ranking officer and the commander of the several major air force bases in Japan until he retired from the service in 1997. Checking the biography in Wiki, it looks like he is indeed what he says he is.

Mr. Sato’s July 30 blogpost:


According to the information I just obtained, a nuclear submarine of the Chinese Navy had an accident in the port of Dalian on July 29, and there is a leak of radiation. The area is strictly closed off by the Chinese military, and the situation is said to be very dangerous.


I doubt that the Chinese government will announce the accident. The neighboring countries should take defensive measures, and the Japanese fishing boats in the area should be careful.


One more thing. According to a “foreign” insurance company, China’s high-speed train accident has 259 people dead, 183 injured, and 154 still missing. The numbers are set to increase, according to this insurance company.


The families of the victims continue to protest, and I’ve wondering about “missing” people. Now I begin to see why the Chinese government hastily doubled the compensation for the victims.


China’s “hiding the accident” is well beyond that of Japan.


Anyway, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Japanese media should try to obtain more information about China’s “nuclear leak accident”. It is inevitable that a Chinese-made nuclear power plant will have an accident, and I’m concerned about the next year’s “yellow sand” season. Just to let you know the news quickly.

I don’t know if China’s “hiding” is any worse than that of Japan, but if I see any confirming information I’ll update.

After the Fukushima I nuclear accident, it dawned on many Japanese (probably for the first time) that almost entire Japan is DOWNWIND from China, who plans to have 100 nuclear power plants. And thanks to the Fukushima accident, many Japanese now know it’s not the distance that matters when it comes to a nuclear power plant accident, but wind and weather.

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