Radiation in Fukushima City Order of Magnitude Higher Than Official Numbers?

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AND NOW: Japanese Government Sets 100 Millisieverts As New Lifetime Standard

#Radiation in Fukushima City Order of Magnitude Higher Than Official Numbers? (EX-SKF, July 23, 2011):

From someone in Japan posting a short post at this website of a TV program he just saw on July 24 morning (their time):


On TBS Television “Sunday Morning News”. Radiation survey by Doshisha University and Kyoto Seika University of Fukushima City [in Fukushima Prefecture].

U-drain at an elementary school 56.9 microsieverts/hour; Fukushima Prefectural Government building 20.8 microsieverts/hour, Fukushima Railroad Station 2.4 to 22.4 microsieverts/hour. “Hot spot” everywhere. The Doshisha researcher was surprised to see these numbers. Does Fukushima City residents know about this?

I couldn’t find the official radiation number for the Fukushima Prefectural Government building. The radiation at the Fukushima City Hall, about 1 kilometer away, is 0.95 microsievert/hour as of July 23, according to Fukushima Prefecture.

Evacuate NOW!

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The Japanese people are used as guinea pigs:

Fallout! (60 Minutes): Japan’s Recovery Won’t Be Measured In Years, But Centuries – Michio Kaku: These Humans Are Guinea Pigs!

Radiation ‘Experiment’ In Japan Just Got Bigger, As Fukushima To Fit All Infants, Kindergarteners, School Children With Radiation Monitoring Badges:

… these are not “dosimeters” but “glass badges” that passively collect radiation information. It won’t help these children or their parents to avoid high-radiation areas and spots, it won’t tell them how much radiation they will have been exposed unless they are sent in to a company to interpret the data.

Leuren Moret has high-level insider information. Listen to the entire interview:

Independent Scientist Leuren Moret: Nuclear Genocide Of Babies And Children In Japan, US, Canada Grows – Elitist Depopulation Agenda – Global Nuclear Holocaust

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