ALERT: Puerto Rico, Gulf and Atlantic States: Plate Slippage Soon – Prepare Now! (07/17/2011)


I do not say this lightly…. BE PREPARED for a large quake in the Caribbean earthquake in the near term… next few weeks to a month at the most. 6.0 or greater… along the southern plate boundry east from mexico to Puerto Rico.

have a plan in place for escape to higher ground in case a tsunami is generated by the plate slippage that is happening worldwide.

2 thoughts on “ALERT: Puerto Rico, Gulf and Atlantic States: Plate Slippage Soon – Prepare Now! (07/17/2011)”

  1. Since i live on the Gulf of mexico and we are having more quake then ever in the world I would Watch the area.Ive notice this week in mid july 2011 a Large batch of Quakes in the Virgin Island area that have Hit all of a sudden.Watch the Carriben we may have tsuami warnings or watches for the Gulf of mexico. DW

  2. Wath I have to said is if some one knows about this could happens why not alert the people in the news for them to be prepare or get out before anything happens even I have faith on god I know nothing will touch my beautiful island because god will protect them I have a lot of fam there and I love my island but I think is some one know about this they should posted in the news for people know waths going on do not way until last minute to let people know if they don’t have a plan if any one know just posted in the news to help doze people around and again god is waching over all of us he will protect us and are island. God bless us all. And be alive on him like ido amen


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