Libya: Government Bombs Civilians With Military Jets, Top Sunni Cleric Puts Out a Death Warrant on Gadhafi, Son Warns of Foreign Occupation, Native Tribes Revolt

The news out of Libya is dramatic.

Dictator Moammar Gadhafi is bombing his own people with military jets.

Added: 21. February 2011

Two senior officers in the Libyan air force have defected to Malta:

Added: 21. February 2011

A top Sunni cleric says the army should kill Gadhafi.

Gadhafi’s son is warning: “Stop the protest or face civil war & colonialism”. He states that the U.S. and Europe will occupy Libya if the protests are not reined in.

Added: 20. February 2011

Added: 20. February 2011

Added: 20. February 2011

Libya’s own diplomat accuses Gadhafi of ‘crimes against humanity’ and ‘crimes of war’. Military officials are reportedly calling for Gadhafi’s removal. And diplomats and the justice minister have resigned. See this.

And Al Jazaeera reports:

Unconfirmed reports suggest the Migraha tribe has now abandoned Gaddafi. This follows the Tuareg and Warfela tribes who came out in support of the protests yesterday.

These are true native peoples. For example, the Tuareg people are nomads of the Sahara:

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