Congressman Pete Stark has no idea about economics

The bigger the national debt the wealthier the nation!

Congressman Pete Stark appears to be totally arrogant, ignorant and outright stupid.

At the end of the interview Congressman Pete Stark tells the interviewer:

“If you don’t get the fuck out of here I’ll throw you out of the window.”

The U.S. will collapse under its debt, experience the Greatest Depression and soon be a Third World Country:
Glenn Beck: United States Debt Obligations Exceed World GDP
Federal obligations exceed world GDP
Paul Craig Roberts: The U.S. economy is imploding; Budget deficit cannot be financed.
Ron Paul on CNN: Stimulus “Wasted Money”; Driving the U.S. into Depression (02/16/09)
Ron Paul on Glenn Beck: Destruction of the dollar

23. August 2008
Source: YouTube

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