“The world’s richest elite and those who fully understand the situation are buying gold like hot cakes.”

Events over the past five months since the carefully orchestrated storm was set for bank “bail outs” should make it clear to any American not walking around in a self-imposed coma that we have crossed the Rubicon. As I have written for many years: Non essential businesses will continue to go under as Americans only have enough disposable income for absolute necessities like shelter, food and transportation to their jobs or the unemployment office. This massive give away by Congress since last September is simply sealing our fate.

Americans are frightened, confused. Already we’ve seen several tragedies where fathers have killed their entire families and themselves because he’s lost his job and the bills were piling up. We will see more and worse. We the people are now being held hostage with a gun to our head to aid and assist in the final destruction of our constitutional republic. We are being held hostage with the gun of government to our heads to fund the final destruction of capitalism, freedom and liberty.

We the people are being held hostage with the gun of totalitarian government to fund the continuation of the unconstitutional, immoral invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan based on lies and manipulation. To fund organizations who conduct massive vote fraud (ACORN), filth in the Arts and schools and more killing of unborn babies. Fund the furtherance of one world government as the impostor president is openly shoving communism down our throats with the approval from most members of Congress.

The whimpering Republicans who are now “reinventing themselves” did NOTHING to correct the abuses by Marxist Bill Clinton and shoved a good dose of Fascism down our throats. Now they’re objecting to more of the same they heaped upon us in big spending and draconian legislation from 1995 – 2007? Republican turn coats (“leaders”) are actually embracing nationalization of private banks. That alone should tell GOP faithful where these poltroons stand on free markets.

When the usurper president, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka and so forth announced you and I will be required to bail out toxic mortgages to save home owners facing or in foreclosure, I was surprised anyone was surprised. Didn’t Marxist Obama tell you during the rigged election that he was going to redistribute the wealth:

“Conservatives yesterday ripped Obama after he was caught on video telling an Ohio plumber that he intends to take the profits of small-business owners and “spread the wealth around” to those with lesser incomes.”

The impostor president has also proclaimed in yet another “fix it” plan for the economy: Tax businesses and tax the wealthy. In order to buy such warped thinking, one must check their brain at the door next to Obama’s empty head. The wealthy create jobs. To single them out for “extra” taxes is to punish success and violate the U.S. Constitution for apportioned taxation (See A Pioneer on the Withholding Issue about half way down).

Piling heavier taxes on businesses to sell the illusion of “stimulating the economy,” is somewhere between lunacy and utter stupidity that won’t save or create a single job. The massive number of pink slips falling all across the country continues to build: 600,000 more jobs were lost last month bringing the total (as near as one can tell with all the lies and cooking the books in DC) to 3.2 million jobs lost in 13 months.

States, due to gross mismanagement, can’t pay tens of thousands of unemployment claims as jobs disappear and revenues shrink. The gang rape bill will force you and me with a gun to our heads to fund state deficits by stealing the fruits of our labor.

California is run by a communist state legislature (Democrats) and has been for years. The Republican leadership in California said a fiscal conservative like Sen. Tom McClintock “couldn’t win.” He didn’t have name recognition. Those cretins shoved an immoral pig down the throats of their party faithful and Arnie, the grossly unqualified “movie star,” moved into the governor’s mansion and has rubber stamped the collapse of that state from day one. Now that California is near utter bankruptcy, Comrade Obama, with approval from Congress, will force you, me and our children to fund their mess. How far will California’s $14 BILLION dollar tax increase go when they’re funding almost $10 BILLION a year to feed, clothe, educate and incarcerate almost 8 million illegal aliens? Think about that good citizens of California.

These states who have blown their tax revenues out their backsides now demand “stimulus” money from your pocket. You are already fleeced by the federal machine to pay for the unconstitutional Federal Department of Education to waste HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to dumb down America’s children and socially indoctrinate them with immoral agendas. Now, the states want more from an empty treasury to prop them up to pay for education, reward the criminals (illegal aliens) sucking resources and the list goes on and on. I live in Texas. It is NOT my responsibility to pay for the mistakes of South Carolina, Alaska or California’s state legislatures.

Remember Obama’s proclamations about how many jobs he will create (amazing considering the president of these united States of America has ZERO authority to create a single job):

Dec. 6, 2008: “President-elect Barack Obama said Saturday he has asked his economic team for a recovery plan that saves or creates more than 2 million jobs, makes public buildings more energy-efficient and invests in roads and schools.”

Jan. 3, 2009: “The president-elect says he wants to “create three million new jobs” — this is a change from a few weeks ago, when he said he wanted the plan to create OR SAVE two million jobs.”

Jan. 10, 2009: “Facing growing criticism of his economic recovery plan, President-elect Barack Obama made public Saturday a detailed analysis by his economic advisers that estimates the $775 billion plan of tax cuts and new spending would create 3.5 million jobs over the next two years.”

January 10, 2009: “President-elect Barack Obama countered critics with an analysis Saturday by his economic team showing that a program of tax cuts and spending like he’s proposed would create up to 4.1 million jobs, far more than the 3 million he has insisted are needed to lift the country from recession.”

Bald faced lies because the numbers don’t lie. Tax cuts with a deficit cut in half by 2013? All hocus pocus without any basis in reality. The impostor president wants to put a gun to your head (IRS) to pay someone else’s mortgage; some 7 – 9 MILLION of them while you have trouble paying your own on time. More of Obama’s communist (progressive) ideology, which has enraged people all across this country. Santelli’s rousting call for a new Tea Party is resounding border to border, coast to coast – except with those who believe they have the right to steal from your paycheck. Don’t feed me the rubbish about “the common good.” That is pure communist ideology.

Last year 2.8 million homes went into foreclosure. If the numbers (7-9 million) are accurate, the situation is even more dire than we thought. Comrade Obama is talking $75 BILLION to bail out homeowners by stealing the fruits of your labor with money that does not exist. The treasury is overdrawn almost $11 TRILLION dollars right now. How do you write another hot check for $75 BILLION dollars when your checkbook is already overdrawn by $11 TRILLION dollars? Change, Comrade Obama? Here’s more change – $20.3 MILLION dollars that does not exist:

Presidential Determination No. 2009-15 of January 27, 2009: ‘Unexpected Urgent Refugee and Migration Needs Related To Gaza.’

Important to “the national interest” to rob and steal from you, me and our children to fund this grand larceny with more hot checks?

Not only does the U.S. Constitution NOT authorize this looting of the people’s purse, but as Obama is an usurper president, this PD has NO effect or force of law. That $20.3 MILLION bux will have to be borrowed from the central bank (FED) with the interest slapped on the backs of you, me, our children and grand children.

Obama is not only a pathological narcissist, but a masterful liar and since not one member of the media at his press conference questioned the origin of those numbers of foreclosures expected, we really don’t know. Remember during the so called “bail out” crisis last September what a treasury spokeswoman who should have been fired said about the $700 billion dollar bail out: “It’s not based on any particular data point. We just wanted to choose a really large number.” They made it up to be sufficiently enormous to frighten everyone into rapid action. And it worked.”

What will never work is more bailouts or “stimulus” nonsense stealing the fruits of your labor, mine, our children and grand children to prop up what is imploding and cannot be stopped. Last September I wrote a column titled, ‘Bailouts: the wound that will keep on hemorrhaging.’ The gang rape bill passed by Congress and these new proposals by an usurper president represents no change, just the continuation of the march towards complete collapse. The suffering by our fellow Americans is in its infancy with the worst yet to come.

Thank you to so many people who sent email asking if I’m okay because I haven’t had a column in weeks. I was out of the state from February 5 – 19th and have been trying to get caught up. The maid took the year off and I have no staff. I also do my radio show five nights a week which requires a lot of preparation. Thousands of emails come in all week long with questions and I’m trying to get them answered on my radio show in real time. Please allow me to bring up a few things here you might have missed.

Marxist Hillary Clinton is parading around Asia begging our mortal enemy, the COMMUNIST Chinese to keep buying our debt. This morally bankrupt female (who should have been indicted for a dozen crimes over the years) has made it quite clear: Human rights do not matter. It’s okay with her the commies force the murder of unborn babies in China right up to nine months; their totalitarian government murders their own people to quell dissent. They use slave labor for that silk blouse or NBA basketball star endorsed tennis shoes and their “businessmen” skin dogs and cats alive. The fur from these screaming little animals is woven into doll’s clothes, sweaters and parkas and sold to you in violation of our laws. Not a problem for Clinton who serves as Secretary of State illegally. China isn’t our trading partner, they’re the master. China holds America by the throat because they hold our debt and Clinton is begging them to buy more so Congress and Marxist Obama can continue looting the people’s treasury to fund our own destruction.

While Clinton is sucking up to these monsters, these are the same commies who celebrate a bloodied America on 9/11. Do NOT ever forget that Communist China celebrated the attacks of 9/11:

Beijing Produces Videos Glorifying Terrorist Attacks on ‘Arrogant’ US
News Telegraph, November 3, 2001

“The Chinese state-run propaganda machine is cashing in on the terror attacks in New York and Washington, producing books, films and video games glorifying the strikes as a humbling blow against an arrogant nation. Communist Party officials say President Jiang Zemin has obsessively watched and re-watched pictures of the aircraft crashing into the World Trade Center. In the immediate aftermath of the attacks, workers at Beijing Television worked round-the-clock to produce a documentary they called Attack America.

“As rescue workers pick through the rubble of the twin towers, the commentator proclaims that the city had reaped the consequences of decades of American bullying of weaker nations. He said: “This is the America the whole world has wanted to see. Blood debts have been repaid in blood. America has bombed other countries and used its hegemony to deny the natural rights of others without paying the price. Who until now has dared to avenge the hurts inflicted by unaccountable Americans.”

Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit to get Clinton removed from office and we should all pray for their success.

We the people are under attack by every alphabet soup agency in this country. Our food supply is being endangered and our family farmers and ranchers are being killed off in favor of genetically modified foods and big agri corporations. Americans must put aside “fun time” to fight.

NAIS Alert. Click here and here.

We the people are going to be used as guinea pigs again.

Remember how everyone laughed when experts tried to warn about cell phones and the link to cancer and brain tumors? It’s no joke anymore as we now know. Congress unconstitutionally robbed the people’s purse to fund converter boxes for the HDTV conversion. $1.34 BILLION dollars from an empty treasury to make sure people can get their daily dose of propaganda. Now experts are warning about adverse health effects from digital broadcasting; click here. Take the time to read that material.

AND: Did you know that spying cameras have been found inside these converter boxes being sold to you? See video here. (Note: Some people believe this video to be a hoax. Others believe the camera set up is possible, but can’t say for sure. If you purchase one of these boxes and look inside, please send me an email and let me know what you find.)

I am still combing through the gang rape bill (“American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”). This is the same policy making blunders FDR used which prolonged the depression. I covered this in depth on my radio show; you can read about it here. This gigantic fraud contains a provision for doctors to enter your medical records into a giant electronic government data base at a cost of $10 – 12 BILLION dollars. Not mine. As soon as I find the exact language in the bill, I’m sending my primary care physician and the neurosurgeons who operated on my spine, notification that I forbid my medical records from being electronically entered into any government data bank. If this is mandatory, I intend to sue to stop it. The hell I’m going to have my personal information available for computer hackers (yes, they have hacked into the Pentagon and other “secure” computers) or for any government bureau-rat to take a peek.

Tenth Amendment resolutions by the states or “reclaiming sovereignty.” Yes, this is great, but there is no teeth behind these resolutions. They are just more pretty words on a piece of paper. How many of these states who have proclaimed sovereignty are taking “stimulus” package money? How will they bite the hand that feeds them? Hmm? For those who might not know, there was a small movement like this back in the mid-90s and nothing ever came of it because the state legislatures always ended up caving into the federal machine for money.

Honest money bills have been introduced in several states. These must get passed and only a massive demand by the citizens of those states will get their the job done.

Congressman Ron Paul has reintroduced his bill to abolish the privately owned Federal Reserve. While some think the effort to abolish the FED only materialized during Ron Paul’s run for the presidency last year, I can assure you, this has been a top priority for a long time. On September 29, 1993, my project delivered over 1.7 MILLION signatures to Congress to abolish the FED and it’s evil twin, the IRS. Ron Paul’s original bill, H.R. 2755 was introduced in June, 2007. Not a single cosponsor. His new bill is H.R. 833. It also has no cosponsors. That alone should tell you that Congress has no intention of implementing real solutions to our economic collapse.

Do NOT be fooled with the current bill in Congress to replace the IRS with a “fair” tax. This is another trap that must be rejected. Shame on these fools for introducing and sponsoring such poison. These alternative taxing schemes have been around since the late 50s. They are band aids that will keep the FED sucking the lifeblood of this country dry. Here is the right argument on taxes.

How can one fight so many different issues at once? I am a board member for the Committees of Safety. Our top issues: Honest money, securing our food supplies, protecting open commerce, vote fraud, constitutional homeland security and property rights. Numbers build power and all politics are local. Get involved. The police cannot protect you or your family. They arrive after the crime and crime will get worse as the middle class slides into poverty and the poor into destitution and homeless status: Growing List of Officials and Experts Warn of Depression-Induced Violence.

Tommy Cryer’s organization, Truth Attack, is focused on the fraud being perpetrated by the IRS. That organization continues to grow and YOU can get involved. How bad do you want to see the IRS abolished? It will only happen when enough Americans get the truth and bury Congress in their own lies. Like ending prohibition, it takes numbers (not violence). You can get all the details here.

The gold rush continues as investors see disaster continue in the markets. I’m not a gold dealer. I don’t sell precious metals. I don’t know how Americans are sleeping at night. Baby boomers are seeing everything they’ve worked for going down the drain and are helpless to save their retirement funds [401(k)s] from being wiped out. Getting your money early gets you massive penalties by the Internal Robbing Service set into law by the “caring” Republicans and Democrats who toss around clever marketing jingo like ‘Main Street not Wall Street.’ Americans need to understand one thing: The glory days are over, period. The world’s richest elite and those who fully understand the situation are buying gold like hot cakes. At least learn why it is the safe haven because hyper inflation is going to eat your “dollar” in the near future and it will take years, if not a full decade to bring things back around to something akin to restoring financial solvency.

I won’t have a column on Thursday. I’m preparing my package for the U.S. Attorney in Austin, Texas, and four of my state legislators; will hand deliver them later this week. This requires days, not hours, putting together all the material. It’s also a six hour drive each way from my home to the State Capitol. The package for the U.S. Attorney is on the impostor president, Obama. I want him investigated and indicted for wire fraud. The packages for my state legislators is on the sovereignty bill recently introduced here in Texas. Next week I will make the complete packages and all paper work available on line.

My mail box continues to fill up with requests for investigations and “Please cover this, Devvy.” This is why I decided to do my own radio show. There simply is no way I can handle more an average of 20,000 emails per month. I’m booking guests and going over the assault on our republic and rights every night. I hope you will tune in to get the truth and facts as I cannot cover it all in two columns a week. Please do ask family, friends and colleagues to listen because my show is not about politics, it’s about solutions. Identify your enemy, expose them and fight effectively. Not with political band aids, but with the very constitutional solutions that are already there.

My guest tonight is constitutional attorney, Larry Becraft. We are going to cover all these scams being promoted by shysters getting Americans into deep trouble. You don’t want to miss this show.

On live radio: Solutions Not Politics
6:00 pm PST, 8:00 pm CST and 9:00 pm EST
Listen live:

Additionally, because I won’t have a second column this week, I hope you can book mark this column and get to the important links below over a coffee break, in the evening or over the coming weekend.

What you need to know:

U.S. Senator questions Obama’s citizenship – what’s he going to do about it? It’s not just the birth cert: Obama’s father disqualifies him, period.

1 – Obama’s job killing “stimulus package” passed by Pelosi, Reid and their comrades
2 – Obama Threatens Keyes and other Eligibility Plaintiffs
3 – Another state representative steps forward: Obama citizenship cover up. Rep. Tim Jones will be one of the plaintiffs in the next legal action on behalf of Dr. Keyes and candidates on the ballot, State Representatives and nearly 60 members of the military
4 – FBI Investigating 38+ Cases Related to Financial Crisis
5 – The Next Catastrophe: Wait until pension funds explode
6 – Little-known agency that insures pensions of 44 million workers braces for recession fallout
7 – FEC Investigation Confirms Obama Received Discount Mortgage
8 – Commie China’s stimulus spending didn’t work either
9 – 220,000 Retail Stores Will Close in 2009 (Short video you must watch)
10 – Obama Stimulus Saves Microsoft Billionaire Hundreds Of Millions
11 – Feb. 20, 2009: Economic catastrophe looms
12 – FOX Business Wins FOIA Lawsuit Against Treasury
13 – Tooth Fairy Economics

Congress is killing jobs:

14 – Motorsports industry blasted by new fed rule
15 – Renegotiating NAFTA on hold, Obama says. Another broken campaign promise by The One. That destructive treaty has cost MILLIONS of good paying jobs. Remember: Big boy, Rush Limbaugh pushed for NAFTA. He still has his hundred million dollar contract for his show.

Statement about USA Tomorrow Newspaper
Statement from Ed Snook, owner of US~Observer
Statement from Jeff Lowrance Publisher and owner of First Capital S & L

Nationalization of private banks is poison. That’s why Andrew Jackson waged war and won. Here is history.

Rep. Conyers, sponsor of this nonsense: H.R. 40: Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act. His wife is under investigation for being a alleged crook.

I have added new sources for your consumer dollars. Buying American products keeps Americans
employed and helps them hire more Americans.

Buy Made in USA

Inside the Doomsday Seed Vault

By: Devvy
February 23, 2009

She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn’t left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party

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