Court rules that private school can expel lesbian students

Relying on the 1998 state Supreme Court ruling which allowed the Boy Scouts of America to deny admittance to gays and atheists, a San Bernardino, California court has ruled that California Lutheran High School does not have to follow anti-discriminatory laws.

California state law forbids anti-gay bias in public schools, but the court determined that California Lutheran is actually a “social organization” and is not subject to such laws.  It was decided, therefore, that the school was within its rights to expel two students for admitting to their sexual orientation.

You can read the court’s ruling by clicking here.

The case came about as a result of two 11th grade girls who were questioned by the principal about their sexual orientation.  The principal was ‘alerted’ by another student who saw comments written on the girls’ My Space page.

The girls were suspended as a result of the answers given to the principal.

A lawyer for the school expressed his pleasure over the court’s ruling and explained that the “purpose of a religious school is to teach Christian values.”

I guess that depends upon how one interprets ‘Christian’ values.

(“Do not judge so that you will not be judged. For in the way you judge, you will be judged.”

Christian fanatics seem to be by far to goddamn stupid sheep to get the message.

God loves you, but…

If there is a ‘but’ then we are not talking about unconditional love, which is the best way that I can describe the love that God – the father/mother principle within you and around you – has for you.

Picturing God as a bearded old man that needs to be worshiped and gives you free will, but punishes you if you make use of that gift is so backwards.

Have you ever asked yourself why all those priests cannot do any miracles? Every child can be taught within to weeks to perform a small miracle. – The Infinite Unknown)

January 30, 10:12 AM
by Lorri Giovinco-Harte

Source: The Examiner

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