Powerful Solar Storm Could Shut Down U.S. for Months

“The race is on for better forecasting abilities, as the next peak in solar activity is expected to come around 2012.” …and this event will be much, much more serious than you will ever be told.

The elite knows what is coming and prepares for it:
‘Doomsday’ seed vault opens in Arctic
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The elite has built for themselves huge underground shelters, even cities. (Do some research.)
Now you know where all that money went that the government cannot account for.
Has the government also been preparing for the people? No, they are disposable.

Solar storms can cause colorful auroras, often seen in higher latitudes on Earth. NASA

A new study from the National Academy of Sciences outlines grim possibilities on Earth for a worst-case scenario solar storm.

Damage to power grids and other communications systems could be catastrophic, the scientists conclude, with effects leading to a potential loss of governmental control of the situation.

The prediction is based in part on a major solar storm in 1859 that caused telegraph wires to short out in the United States and Europe, igniting widespread fires.

It was perhaps the worst in the past 200 years, according to the new study, and with the advent of modern power grids and satellites, much more is at risk.

“A contemporary repetition of the [1859] event would cause significantly more extensive (and possibly catastrophic) social and economic disruptions,” the researchers conclude.

‘Command and control might be lost’

When the sun is in the active phase of its 11-year cycle, it can unleash powerful magnetic storms that disable satellites, threaten astronaut safety, and even disrupt communication systems on Earth.

The worst storms can knock out power grids by inducing currents that melt transformers.

Modern power grids are so interconnected that a big space storm – the type expected to occur about once a century – could cause a cascade of failures that would sweep across the United States, cutting power to 130 million people or more in this country alone, the new report concludes.

Such widespread power outages, though expected to be a rare possibility, would affect other vital systems.

“Impacts would be felt on interdependent infrastructures with, for example, potable water distribution affected within several hours; perishable foods and medications lost in 12-24 hours; immediate or eventual loss of heating/air conditioning, sewage disposal, phone service, transportation, fuel resupply and so on,” the report states.

Outages could take months to fix, the researchers say. Banks might close, and trade with other countries might halt.

“Emergency services would be strained, and command and control might be lost,” write the researchers, led by Daniel Baker, director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

“Whether it is terrestrial catastrophes or extreme space weather incidents, the results can be devastating to modern societies that depend in a myriad of ways on advanced technological systems,” Baker said in a statement released with the report.

Stormy past

Solar storms have had significant effects in modern time:

– In 1989, the sun unleashed a tempest that knocked out power to all of Quebec, Canada.

– A remarkable 2003 rampage included 10 major solar flares over a two-week period, knocking out two Earth-orbiting satellites and crippling an instrument aboard a Mars orbiter.

“Obviously, the sun is Earth’s life blood,” said Richard Fisher, director of the Heliophysics division at NASA. “To mitigate possible public safety issues, it is vital that we better understand extreme space weather events caused by the sun’s activity.”

“Space weather can produce solar storm electromagnetic fields that induce extreme currents in wires, disrupting power lines, causing wide-spread blackouts and affecting communication cables that support the Internet,” the report states. “Severe space weather also produces solar energetic particles and the dislocation of the Earth’s radiation belts, which can damage satellites used for commercial communications, global positioning and weather forecasting.”

Rush to prepare

The race is on for better forecasting abilities, as the next peak in solar activity is expected to come around 2012.

While the sun is in a lull now, activity can flare up at any moment, and severe space weather – how severe, nobody knows – will ramp up a year or two before the peak.

Some scientists expect the next peak to bring more severe events than other recent peaks.

“A catastrophic failure of commercial and government infrastructure in space and on the ground can be mitigated through raising public awareness, improving vulnerable infrastructure and developing advanced forecasting capabilities,” the report states. “Without preventive actions or plans, the trend of increased dependency on modern space-weather sensitive assets could make society more vulnerable in the future.”

The report was commissioned and funded by NASA. Experts from around the world in industry, government and academia participated. It was released this week.

Friday, January 09, 2009
By Robert Roy Britt

Source: FOX News

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  1. This report makes solar storms seem so demonic. It seems there must be a way to harness that much energy and use it for the good of the earth . Has any possibility been considered i n that vein of thought?

  2. Hello Keevin,

    So far the politicians, the military and the elite around the globe have come up with just one solution and that is to shield themselves and their equipment against it by building underground shelters, even cities. (I know it personally. This is not a conspiracy.)

    That is why so much money disappears all the time in the black hole of the elite and their black projects:

    – Pentagon Cannot Account For 2,3 TRILLION Dollars (CBS News):
    (Donald Rumsfeld himself is saying that Pentagon cannot account for 2,3 TRILLION Dollars. The very next day the Pentagon was under ‘attack’ – 9/11.)

    – Former Assistant Secretary of Housing: The U.S. is the Global Leader in Illegal Money Laundering

    – Pentagon Cannot Account for For $15 Billion (The Washington Post):

    — Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts On The U.S. Leadership: “They Are Criminals” – The Potential Here Is Far Worse Than The Great Depression

  3. Is their anything the average citizen can do now to start preparing for such an event? Maybe Solar Power Panels, Water and Food Storage, Gas powered housing? Are their certain locations of the U.S. that would produce a high probability of surviving such an event?

    I hear and read a lot of warnings on tv and the internet about the devistations of a solar storms, however nothing is ever said on what we can do to protect ourselves other than it’s just a warning to the government and electric companies but i haven’t heard of anything they are doing to prevent such a disaster.

  4. the common people will be left out of the circle as usual, there is no prep. how can you stock up on perishables? they say the end of time will be at hand and it will only last 5 months. so I guess I will get all the bottled water .and can goods and stock up on these items and some over the counter meds.(May thru Sept) try to make it last . and how can one prevent something that is supposed to happen? and try to keep your family close by.

  5. I’m new here, but I’m really into this sort of thing, and I like to help people understand what is truly going on,l and how you can prepare for it.

    I came across this site last week, and I think you could all benefit from it.


    Anyway, mods, if this in in the wrong section, please move it, or, if you must, delete it. I think that this info needs to be out there though.

    I hope some of you find this helpful. Good luck, and god bless you

    2012 Survival


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