Israel launches deadly airstrike in Gaza

Medical workers wheel a wounded man to hospital in the central Gaza strip on Tuesday after clashes.

GAZA CITY (CNN) — Israel launched an airstrike Tuesday night on southern Gaza after clashing with Hamas militants in central Gaza, Palestinian sources and Israel Defense Forces said.

Four were killed in the airstrike, which occurred east of Khan Younis, Palestinian sources said. They said a drone and an apache helicopter could be seen.

Earlier fighting between Hamas militants and Israel Defense Forces killed one militant and injured three, bringing the total death toll to 5.

The fighting occurred after dark when Israeli troops entered the eastern part of the Dir Albalah refugee camp in central Gaza, Palestinian sources said.

IDF said it launched a small operation Tuesday evening after its forces uncovered a “ready-to-be-used tunnel” several meters from a security fence. The IDF said the tunnel — dug from a civilian home — was meant for abducting Israeli soldiers.

November 4, 2008 — Updated 0237 GMT (1037 HKT)

Source: CNN

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