Tesco’s Beef Burgers Contain Up To 29% Horse Meat

– Asda, Co-op and Sainsbury’s withdraw burger ranges over horse meat fears as it’s revealed tests found equine DNA in other supermarket products LAST NOVEMBER (DailyMail, Jan 15, 2013)

  • Scientific tests on some beef products found low levels of horse DNA
  • But one offering from Tesco’s Value range had 29% horse meat
  • Company has lost £300m off its market value today
  • Equine DNA also found in Dunnes Stores, Lidl, Aldi beef products
  • Asda and Co-op remove frozen products as ‘precaution’
  • Today, fast food giant Burger King revealed it uses same supplier
  • However, Burger King said its meat has not been affected
  • Irish scientists discovered contaminated burgers in late November
  • But carried out three rounds of tests to ensure data was correct
  • UK Food Standards Agency launching investigation into the findings
  • PM calls scandal ‘a completely unacceptable state of affairs’
  • Suppliers in Holland and Spain blamed for contaminated ingredients
  • Three more supermarkets have started clearing shelves of frozen beefburgers after it emerged they use the same supplier that sold Tesco products containing up to 29 per cent horse meat.

    Asda, the Co-op and Sainsbury’s were not among the four retailers found to be selling contaminated food but say they have pulled some of their ranges as a ‘precautionary measure’.

    It came as it was revealed horse-tainted beefburgers could have been on the shelves for almost two months after it was first discovered they contained equine meat.

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    Tap Water Straight From The Mains Sold On Shelves At Asda And Tesco

    Tap water straight from the mains sold on shelves at Asda and Tesco (Daily Mail, Aug 17, 2012):

    • What appears good value is tap water marked up 2,500 per cent
    • Tesco start by saying the water originates from France – then admit it’s from UK mains
    • Asda admit it is filtered Yorkshire Water
    • Ethical group sustain believe people are being conned

    Supermarkets are selling bottled tap water to millions of unsuspecting customers.

    Bottles of Tesco ‘Everyday Value Still Water’ and Asda ‘Smartprice Still Water’ are sitting on shelves alongside big brands of mineral water such as Evian and Perrier.

    However, there is no explanation on the label of these supermarket brands that the contents are simply tap water.

    On the face of it, the supermarket water, which costs 17p for a two-litre bottle, offers remarkable value compared with the big brands. In reality it is no more than a filtered version of the mains water that comes out of the tap at a cost of just a third of a penny a litre.

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