And Now: Spanish Company ‘Scytl’ To Count American Votes In November Election

You can’t make this stuff up!

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Spanish company contracts with 900 U.S. jurisdictions to count votes (Examiner, April 13, 2012):

In a follow up investigation to an earlier report today concerning the outsourcing of vote tabulations for the Nov. 2012 elections in the U.S., this reporter has learned that SCYTL, a Spanish corporation run by a major Obama contributor, has contracted with 900 local jurisdictions in over 14 states to count the votes in the Presidential election.

According to SCYTL’s website, the company’s software will be used to report election results in the state of Arkansas along with 13 other states:

“Scytl’s election management subsidiary, SOE Software, has recently been selected by the Arkansas Secretary of State’s Division of Elections to provide its Clarity ENR solution and enhance the State’s web presentation of Election Night Results. With this selection, Arkansas will join over 800 Election jurisdictions in 13 states that leverage the industry leading election results solution.  Clarity ENR presents results data graphically through the utilization of maps, bar charts, totals and downloadable reports. Ballot contest and/or issue information may be presented at the state and county level with granular detail provided down to a specific voting precinct. The solution will empower every web visitor with access to user friendly presentation of voting data to include contest details, status of counties / precincts reporting, voter turnout, vote type summaries and more.”

In addition, SCYTL has contracted with the state of Virginia to develop new technology that will be used to tabulate absentee and military votes.

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