Now Male Libido Is Plunging In Ireland

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Now Male Libido Is Plunging In Ireland (Business Insider, Jun. 26, 2011):

A MAJOR IRISH relationship counselling service has said that sex – or the lack of it – is a factor in around one-third of the couples who seek their help.

Counsellors with Relationships Ireland say that, anecdotally, they are finding a loss of male libido has also become an increasing problem reported to them in the past two years.

Lisa O’Hara, counsellor with the service, told

Nearly 30 per cent of clients who attend for counselling with MRCS/Relationships Ireland will mention that sex (or lack of it) is part of their problem. In the last two years especially, there seems to be an increase in lack of desire for men in particular, which is contrary to the common belief that women have a lower sex drive than men.

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