German Parties Reach Grand Coalition Deal

As expected. What a show!

And now these elite puppets will continue to destroy what is left of Germany.

German Parties Reach Grand Coalition Deal:

After a month of negotiations and two days of post-deadline delays, what UBS’ economist Paul Donovan has dubbed the “world’s most tedious political crisis” is finally over and on Wednesday morning, Germany reached a grand coalition, as news broke that Angela Merkel’s conservatives block reached a deal with the the Social Democratic SPD on forming a new government, ending a deadlock that gripped Germany since inconclusive elections last September.

“Tired but happy,” SPD leaders said in a message to party members. “We have an agreement! Finally.”

According to the FT, talks between the SPD and CDU/CSU were dogged for weeks by disagreements over health and labour policy. The SPD wanted a crackdown on short-term contracts, and also wide-ranging reform of Germany’s health system — though it backed away from an earlier demand to effectively phase out private health insurance.

As a result of the compromise, the Social Democrats will take the finance and foreign ministries in a future grand coalition government – with SPD’s Olaf Scholz, the popular mayor of Hamburg, set to become Germany’s all important finance minister, giving the leftist party a critical role in shaping Berlin’s policy on Europe over the next four years.

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