Interview With Official Libyan Government Spokesman Dr. Moussa Ibrahim (Oct. 1, 2011 – Translation)

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Broadcaster: We never doubted for one second that Moussa Ibrahim “the fighter” would flee a battle in his hour of need. In any case doctor, the media are saying and spreading rumours that civilians are fleeing Sirte. Do you think it is an attempt to give an impression that the city has been evacuated so that they can say that everyone has fled in order to collectively massacre and cleanse the entire City and its population?

Dr. Moussa Ibrahim: Of course my brother, they have already started this. The Arab viewers from everywhere, Saudi, Emirates, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan and all Arab countries, need to know that the inhabitants in Sirte are being truly massacred and wiped out in the last month while in their homes , the amount that have been killed while… and I’ll say it again IN THEIR HOMES have reached their thousands , thousand killed. This is NOT AN EXAGERATION, thousands of people ! This is evident to the extent that the scent of death and killing and destruction has gotten so overwhelming that the international organizations have got to experience it even while in the enemy’s countries far away. The scent has got, as they say in English, TOO MUCH TO IGNORE.

They have started the media game again by saying that the inhabitants of Sirte are leaving to cover up the fact that they are killing civilians and we don’t bomb civilians. This is a clear strategy and plot partaken by Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya and others that are by now the most skilled and experienced in lies and deceit. I can say that I count myself as an expert on a Global level on these channels and very knowledgeable and experienced in their capabilities, from dealing with them extensively and observing them very closely the last 9 months. I know their composition and how they operate from the inside and in actual fact it is just a part of this international imperial operation, a part of  which is fake, cosmetic and organized.

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