North Korea’s ‘Dear Leader’ Dictator Kim Jong-Il Dead

Kim Jong-il death sparks hysterical outpouring of grief in North Korea (Telegraph, Dec. 19, 2011):

Local television footage has shown North Korean officials apparently overcome with grief at the news of their leader Kim Jong-il’s death.

North Korea’s ‘Dear Leader’ Dictator Kim Jong Il Dies; Son May Take Over (Bloomberg, Dec 19, 2011):

Kim Jong Il, the second-generation North Korean dictator who defied global condemnation to build nuclear weapons while his people starved, has died, state media reported. A government statement called on North Koreans to “loyally follow” his son, Kim Jong Un.

Kim, 70, died on Dec. 17 of a heart attack brought on by mental and physical strain while on a domestic train trip, the official Korean Central News Agency said. Kim probably had a stroke in August 2008 and may have also contracted pancreatic cancer, according to South Korean news reports.

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